Who We’re Looking For:
We’re looking for a seasonal intern in South Florida that is well-versed in the entire Adobe Design Suite, specifically Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. 3D Studio Max, Maya, and After Effects are a plus.
As a Production Art Intern, you won’t be getting people coffee, but knee-deep in the art creation process. This includes brainstorming new game concepts; interface design; illustration; asset breakdown; 3-D modeling, animation, rigging, and rendering; and collaborating in a team environment. Ideally, the paid internship could lead to full-time employment by the end of the season. The applicant will also need to do a minor take-home test after the initial interview to assure that they can understand our workflow procedure.

About Us:
IntuiCode Gaming specializes in video slot machines that integrate single-player, multi-player, and tournament gaming platforms. IntuiCode Gaming’s achievements include a widely popular progressive jackpot system, device and platform solutions, and successful table game titles. Through sound leadership and direction, the company has continued to bring innovative and solid gaming development experience to the industry. With over 30 years in casino technology experience, the company's talent and expertise has created winning solutions for its customers and its gaming partners alike. Learn more about what we do at www.IntuiCodeGaming.com.

To Apply:
FLORIDA ARTISTS OR STUDENTS, ONLY. We're a small company; we can't afford to fly people in from all across the country. Please send Jason Martin an e-mail at (jasonm@intuicode.com) with a cover letter, resume’, link to online website and/or blog, and no more than five attachments of your best artwork. There are many different facets to our art production, so please focus on your strengths.