Hi everyone, welcome to my sketchbook thread. My name is Adelaide, i'm 18 and i'm from the US. My work here is going to consist of life drawings done 4 days a week in the studio where i'm currently studying under Timothy Stotz and Michelle Tully, and the rest of what's here will be studies from sculptures and paintings in the Musée du Louvre. For entertainment value, i'll also upload some pictures of Paris.

I arrived in Paris about 4 days ago. This thread documents the beginning of my education as an artist. Despite the pressure during my senior year, I just wasn't interested in any of the art-degree oriented colleges that I had heard of, and I dawdled for a year before I decided to go the route of an independent Atelier. Anyway, onto the art. These are from the first day of class, which was today. I'll be updating a couple times a week.

Some of these pictures were taken at shitty angles. You can tell.

More to come tomorrow, it's an extra long day (class in the morning and the afternoon), so there will be about twice as much.