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Yeah, for final payment cheque (or direct bank, depending on the banks) makes more sense. Trouble is I often take interim payments or deposits, so time is a factor, and I'm trying to balance Paypal robbing me with the time delay and / or the possibility of starting work without cleared payment. Some clients, like the one I've been working with recently, I know are trustworthy, so it's less of an issue, but it's sometimes a balancing act when faced with a new 'untried' client.
Oh, I fully agree...
But I should have said that whenever I say this, most people still opt for Paypal. Especially in cases where the client is from another country, it's just far too much hassle for them to mess with snail mail and US funds or whatever. So I give them the option to do either, but they NEVER take snail mail.

If they did, I'd be shocked.