Sketchbook: Catish's Collaborative Sketchbook
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    Catish's Collaborative Sketchbook


    Well I didn't think I would be back here ever again. I've had a sketchbook here before, a couple of years back, under a different username. Eventually I stopped using this site because it wasn't helping me anymore. I found out that the direction I was going in was much more personal and really had little to do with hardcore anatomy practice and space marines/wood elfs.

    But recently I've been browsing again, just giving advice and help instead of posting stuff.

    Anyway, the reason I feel that I want to come back is that it's always useful to get some outsider advice anyway, but the bigger reason is that my approach to drawing has changed and I'm thinking that to continue drawing in my way, I need your ideas. So it kind of is like concept art in a way... (words are written down and pictures are created and improvised upon).

    I'm not calling myself an illustrator, but it's similar. I have this broad style that I want to express with others' ideas.

    So maybe this will be fun and a new kind of sketchbook. If you'd be so kind as to leave some tidbits - a breif outline, character synopsis, concept, mood etc. and I will post interpretations.

    I'm looking for both critiques of drawing skill, but also perhaps the execution of the concept. but sometimes what I draw is just personal to me, so... it's difficult to critique an expression.

    Here's some of my recent stuff...

    Cheers! here's to making love.

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