Art: Piha Beach in New Zealand! Pavel's Portfolio thread. Updated May 2, 2013
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Thread: Piha Beach in New Zealand! Pavel's Portfolio thread. Updated May 2, 2013

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    Icon Piha Beach in New Zealand! Pavel's Portfolio thread. Updated May 2, 2013

    EDIT 32

    2013. Photoshop Cs5. A painting of Piha beach in New Zealand.

    EDIT 31

    2013. Photoshop Cs5. A Troll finds himself on his 10th cup of ale, much to the disapproval of his owl.

    Updated my Davids from 2011 as well.

    EDIT 30

    A commissioned painting of an awesome dog called Guinness!

    An elephant caught in a forest fire:

    EDIT 29

    Last painting of 2012. Portrait of a friend!

    EDIT 28

    There was a cartoony pencil sketch I did in 2010 of a cowboy. I found it again and felt the urge to do a quick paintover on him.

    EDIT 27

    Redid the wolf painting. Going to wipe the other one off this post now.

    EDIT 26

    Louis CK portrait

    Marc Maron portrait. He said it is awesome!

    EDIT 25

    New commissioned portrait of a friend.

    EDIT 23
    2012. Photoshop Cs5. This is my first commission from Reddit. This couple wanted a portrait of them to be painted from scratch and loved the result. This was really fun, so I look forward to doing more stuff like this!

    EDIT 22

    Hey guys! I remade my website from scratch. Everything is completely new! I would love if you took a look at it:

    "A Matter of Classe"

    CLASSE is an organization of student protesters in Montreal that are embarrassing the city, causing violence, vandalizing, skipping class, not going to exams, preventing others from going to exams, all because the tuition will be raised by 300$. If they spend the time they used to be lawless gorillas to pick up a shift at work or two, they would have had weeks of full time pay already.


    EDIT 21
    Photoshop Cs5

    Sales Office Insignia

    My sales office where I work as a marketing assistant saw my artworks and requested I make them an insignia. They requested almost all the objects in the scene, except the fibre optic cables which I came up with myself as well as the orb.

    I finished it within 2 weeks, with 35 hours under its belt. It was displayed on the big screen as part of the company meeting and the sales office was happy with it.

    I printed this out on fine art paper and framed it in a metallic frame. Looks great on the office wall.

    Photoshop Cs5
    300 pixels per inch
    56 inches wide, 34 inches high

    EDIT 20
    Made this portrait for my girlfriend for Valentine's day.
    Photoshop Cs5
    13,200 pixels wide by 14,100 pixels high.
    300 pixels per inch.

    EDIT 19:
    Hey guys!
    Here is an environment I completed about a month ago.
    It used a character of mine from 2010.

    Photoshop Cs5
    300 pixels per inch
    57 inches wide by 30 inches high

    EDIT 18:
    Hello! These portraits were done before the New Year, but I only got around to posting them now. I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Cheers.

    A portrait I painted of a friend of mine in return for him creating my website.

    A triple portrait a friend of mine commissioned as a gift to her parents. I printed it on 100 year archival paper in 24 by 36 inches and framed it. Apparently the gift was a success and everyone liked it!

    EDIT 14:
    Hello guys, I am back! I have been focusing on school a lot, as it is my last semester! However, it is my mom's birthday so I made this to decorate to go with the nice silver frame my mom bought.

    It is a bust of Athena, the Greek Goddess of war.

    "Athena and the fly"
    Photoshop Cs5.
    300 pixels per inch, 12000 x 12000 pixels.

    EDIT 13:

    "Gate of the Hopeless"
    Photoshop Cs5.

    EDIT 10:

    A friend of mine is planning to buy a large poster of the Metro Bug, so I spent a day and a bit working out all the little issues it had since it is a year old. I fixed the perspective, fixed the lighting, added reflections, spit, smoke, shadows,etc.

    Next up we have some rather quick character designs.

    EDIT 9:

    So I was in a street art Festival called FIMA the past week in Montreal, and I have developed a series of oils for the show. I haven't used oils since Rasputin (which was my first), but I am very happy with the process and looking to expand more on this medium. Here are 3 of 6 paintings I made. I will post the other 3 later!

    "Black Skull"
    12 by 12 inches.
    Oil on hardboard.

    12 by 12 inches.
    Oil on hardboard.
    Based on DartGarry's sketch!

    "Black Heart"
    12 by 12 inches.
    Oil on hardboard.

    EDIT 7:

    Portrait of my grandfather. Pencil sketch with photoshop values.

    This here is the Big Bad Wolf I did for a CHOW a month ago. I forgot to post it here it seems.

    Edit 6: DOMINANCE WAR 5!
    Vote here:

    That is the link to Cg Society's voting. Make sure to vote for all the forums leaders!

    Here is my dominance war entry:

    EDIT 2: New image, February 28th. Portrait of Missile, a Ca forum member. Reference from his photo in the "what does everyone look like" thread.

    EDIT: New image, February 14th. God Bound To the Throne. It is a character design for a special project.

    First up, a World War 2 painting I made in 2 days as a New Year gift for my dad.

    "Through the eyes of a dying soldier"

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