Art: My Debut may make the DEVILS CRY
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    My Debut may make the DEVILS CRY

    Hey everyone! Never posted in this section before, but just to quickly introduce myself my name is André Rogers and I'm a sophomore at the Academy of Art University studying illustration. Like many here I hope to work in the entertainment industry as a concept artist/illustrator. I'm expecting/pushing for 2011 to be a big year for me because firstly, I'll be applying for internships (and hopefully land in a big one). Secondly, I'll be getting into my core classes this year! And lastly, I'll be turning 21 So yeah...big stuff hopefully.

    Now onto what this thread is about...

    The Devil May Cry series is getting a reboot, and with all the controversy going on about the redesign (which I happen to like actually) of the main character, Dante, someone gave me the challenge of portraying my own image of the protagonist that fans of the series would appreciate. As much as I've hated the idea of doing fan art (probably due to all the bad fan art that's so easy to find online, plus I'd rather come up with ideas from scratch) it actually proved to be a fun challenge. I used some reference from previous concept art pieces done for this character and his demon father Sparda in order to come up with some ideas. I tried to stick to the semi-modernized Gothic feel of the original game and concepts rather than the J-pop style of the later games in the well as bring back that darker feel. I'm pretty satisfied with the result (but never complacent! ).

    So here it is! About 4 hours in Photoshop.
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    And a closeup.
    Name:  Dante_reimagined_closeup.jpg
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    You have some technique here that looks pretty cool, but overall the piece just looks too muddy and I'm not convinced by the proportion or placement of the character. I don't really like how the leg and foot fade into obscurity. You could do something cool if you had a clear distinction between parts further back in space that blur into the background, but there seems to be a general blurring on the vertical axis as opposed to blurring that considers three-dimensional space.
    The face is the most defined and is therefore the focal point, but it tends toward the right. Flip the image to check if you're getting the placement of features correct.
    The similarity of all the color and how you blend the value towards gray means that nothing really sticks out. Try varying the saturation so that the eye is drawn to a particular part of the piece. The swords, for instance, or the glow of jewel.

    The overall texture of this piece is good, and the folds in the clothes have promise. Keep working and remember to think about all the color issues and composition, etc.

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