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Thread: Bering's Sketchbook - Explosive brain stuff

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    Bering's Sketchbook - Explosive brain stuff

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    Hello everybody - This is my sketchbook.

    I'd like to share some background info about me.

    I was born in 1988 - so lucky I still have my entire life infront of me to become even better.

    I started drawing "for real" in 2009 - before then, it has mainly been doodling in school and high school. But at that point I quit university and realized programming isn't rly what I wanted to do. Yes, I want to make video games, but the artwork. It all became too technical for me, and I figured out, I'm decalculate as well, so no wonder I had a hard time during math.

    At the moment, my biggest wish is to start studying at an academy in order to get a degree so I can work on video games. I really REALLY want to start taking my first steps to become a professional through study and hard work - and I don't care how much hard work, money or sacrifices I have to make in order to become a concept artist on video games. It is the point of my life. Nothing else.

    At the moment, I'm working on a portfolio application for the academy here, and some of this stuff will be in it.

    Please come with all your critics - that is the reason I'm here. I've been looking around this forum for some time now, and hopefully now I can recieve some feedback as well. :)

    (Edit: Due to problems fixing the thumbnail, as the previous one was stretched so much it looked horrible - I had to delete all my pictures. Unfortunately, my file management doesn't allow me to upload my previous images again, so you cannot see my progress :( sorry!)

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    My brain just exploded!

    My Sketchbook < < <
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