Sketchbook: Brandon returns (dinosaurs, ancient warriors, and studies)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velocity Kendall View Post
    "Am I stupid or something?"

    You clearly are not stupid, as you can write intelligently about your subjects.


    If youre stil not feeling it, maybe visual art isnt for you. Try playing the guitar. Or learning to ollie a skateboard. Or get really into maths. The worlds your clam baby.
    My parents, although they do like my drawings, tell me that I'm even better at writing, whether it's fiction or non-fiction, and now that I think about it, writing does seem to be easier for me than drawing. Maybe that's the art I should be pursuing.

    It was nice participating in this community and receiving critique anyway, even if the critiques were often critical. I'll conclude this thread with three pages of arm studies:

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    Everything is better with dinosaurs.
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