As a Graphic Designer in 2011, speed is key when working with several clients. It's not always possible to create every single graphical element for a project. In an ideal world, we would all love to have hours or days to spend on a project, but that's not reality for most graphic and web designers.

I often look for the easiest solution to a problem as most creatives do when pressed for time. The internet has allowed us to download existing artwork and re-contextualize it, or simple use it without restrictions, with the creators consent of course.

The problem lies in sourcing decent, unique content. There are literally hundreds of thousands of vector icon and graphic sites including stock artwork and stock photography websites offering the same work.

After trawling through the net for over 8 years to find the best free vector graphic and vector icon content I have found 5 of the best sites to allow you to churn out more work, quicker with less stress! I hope you enjoy the list.

1) Vector Buttons - This is one of the only sites offering unique custom vector graphics, icons and buttons created by their team. These vectors are not seen anywhere else. All content is free and designed to help out other artists and designers. What's more, the site is updated multiple times daily, 365 days a year. Created by 2 designers who were sick of seeing the same boring content. Check out

2) Bitt box - Bittbox offer free vectors, workflow tips and is run by one cool guy who just wants to offer designers free content. Check out his blog too, all awesome content and updated regularly. I use this site every week in my work.

3) Vect Eezy - Vecteezy has a huge database of user submitted vectors. This service has helped thousands of artists get there designs out there and likewise helped thousands more to download free graphics. Such a cool tool!