Illustration portfolio for university
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Thread: Illustration portfolio for university

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    Illustration portfolio for university

    Hi guys

    I'm looking to apply for Art center's illustration (entertainment arts) program this summer, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips in the submission of a portfolio for the program. I've gone through many many threads but most of what I've seen relate specifically to entertainment design. I wonder if anyone here is currently attending ACCD's illustration program who know of any sample portfolio's that were succesful in getting into the program?

    ACCD's website posted this on portfolio requirements

    "Submit 10 to 15 original figure drawings from life that include both gestural and more developed pieces. Other observational drawings from life are also required such as self-portraits, sketches of acquaintances or friends, animals and scenes from nature and cityscapes. Include imaginative drawings that demonstrate your passion and understanding of illustration in both color and black and white. Submit two or three pieces that highlight drawing skills, and show the development of a story or concept. Sketchbooks that clearly demonstrate taste and thought process are recommended."

    What is a good balance I should strike for my figure drawings, and what does more developed pieces mean? should i submit all self portraits, nature sketches etc? Or is it just up to my selection of the categories. Is it necessary to submit a sketchbook?

    I'm in an art school in Malaysia and we normally do fully rendered portraits (usually celebrity ones) and lots and lots of gesture drawing, or figure drawings with muscles on them. The samples below are not for the portfolio but is just an indicator of my skill level

    Attached are samples of my work so far at college in Malaysia. Any pointers for the portfolio submission would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Well the first thing I notice is that these are done from photos. They are good, but I would do some from life.


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