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    Quote Originally Posted by s.ketch View Post
    If we knew that this whole thread and others could have been avoided.

    I used to have a few Hart books in high-school, though to my dismay they were stolen. I guess it was God's work because it prompted me to get more books that were not by Hart.

    From what I can tell looking back with better knowledge, he doesn't really teach you anything. In the book I still have "Cutting Edge Anatomy" he gives the most basic muscle diagrams that can be found online for free. The muscle diagrams are stylized and lack depth for the most part. Muscle groups are cleanly outlined which looks nice but doesn't convey information to the layman.

    Bridgeman, while stylized, at least explains and shows WHY muscles form certain shapes and how they react to light. Bridgeman diagrams have weight and mass, Hart is full of hot air.
    I agree. I bought a ton of Hart's books when I was younger (I'm not proud). His work ranges from average to below average. If you already have his books I wouldn't bother throwing them out because at minimum you might get a laugh and at most you might find something to learn from it, but I currently wouldn't go out of my way to buy them anymore. I found guide books that had multiple contributors that taught me more. Most of his work is similar to things you can find free online. I don't hate him but I no longer have any interest in his work for anything other than an occasional laugh. If you like his work then keep on liking it. I just think there is better stuff out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snakeygirl42 View Post
    It's been six years since this thread saw the light of day! But it was actually pretty funny so thanks for digging it up.

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    It's better later than never!
    Omg, back in 2010-2014 I've spent hours and days trying to prove my point on similar threads... It's interesting to see that many people who were protecting Hart's books and accusing me in trolling are now rejecting them. If this goes on, one day we might finally have only real quality art books on the market.
    Yet... I'm respecting all people opinions. So if someone still wants to live in illusions, let him be. ) - art educational books - art educational portal - my direct e-mail
    Russian Academy of Arts thread - all about it

    There was a sign on the Academy building, “Free Arts”. “What’s that?”, we asked our professor. – “That’s to be able to create anything, but to create what you want to.”

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    When I was a kid ( probably 10-12 years old?) I had his How to draw Manga Books. Of course when I look at it today ( I'm 22) I see that it's not great, but back then I would have never understood the likes of Loomis or Bridgman and I loved to draw the stuff from Harts books. I think it's not bad for children but today there are better How to draw books available even here in Germany.
    But a professional artist wouldn't buy them either I guess

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