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    Research paper topic?

    So I have an assignment to write an eight-page paper (research paper) on any topic of my choosing. I'm wanting it to have something to do with the art field, and so before coming up with some typical topic off the top of my head, I was wondering if I could get feedback here. Anyone have any interesting topics that would make a great research paper? (regarding art preferably, or concept art and illustration even more preferably)

    Thanks, I can't wait to hear all the ideas!

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    I am a huge fan of " context" so my two interests would be when, where and how started conceptart as you can nowadays clearly ( most of the time ) separate it from other forms of art it has to have something to it that makes it at which point in time did this uniqueness showed up for the first time and what made this moment to what it was.

    second would be in which exact context did some conceptart happened ...a bit vague but what I mean by that is simply what made a piece of conceptart to that EXACT piece and not a slightly different or totally other ( concerning all details) ...still vague ^^

    thats for me

    so long

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    Well from my own experience, I definately think that it's best to write about the stuff u are beeing driven alot, than just about the stuff that u can write about in the easiest way just to get a good score, it will end up harder anyways.

    You know urself better than us, so I guess you just need to search for that defined passion inside of you, and those 8 papehz will seem like an easy bussiness

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    I don't want to give you your ideas, but what I did for my IT minor which really worked is I just kept perusing any and all information I could find that's vaguely related to the subject, weeks and weeks before it was due. Then I would find something that caught my eye, and as I looked further into it it was the most fascinating group of articles I could find, so I based my essay around those, and Got a 98% (HD) for it.

    So keep looking, don't try and imagine a topic; be inspired by what you find.

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