WHOis theBRAINbehind was founded in early 2003.
People from various fields of the mediaworld such as
webdesigners, 3D artists and programmers are
working together as a team, to achive the best results in quality and efficiency.

WHOistheBRAINbehind is a creative web production team situated near Cologne, Germany.
WHOistheBRAINbehind produce lively content
for the web.

What we believe
It is our belief that the individual human resources
are what make WHOistheBRAINbehind unique
and able to compete internationally.
The work WHoistheBRAINbehind offers
is only what's inside the people who work here.

For more information please visit our website at http://www.whoisthebrainbehind.com or contact us
via email: info@whoisthebrainbehind.com

Best regards,
Anja Riehl
Art Director