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Thread: artwork blogs and feedback

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    artwork blogs and feedback

    Does anyone on here keep a blog type website for their artwork with user comments? Do you find the feedback worthwhile?
    I currently have a little on-line diary that I post to but it doesn't allow comments. I'm thinking it might be nice to hear what people think of my stuff (if indeed, anyone actually looks at it!) - but comment spam seems to be such a big problem I'm wondering whether it's worth the effort of changing my site.

    If anyone has any experience of the pros and cons of spam vs. contact with your audience it would be good to hear!

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    Pros: You get to hear what people think about your art
    Cons: You get to hear what people think about your art

    Most of my online galleries and blogs allow comments and the only bad thing I've seen about it thus far is that some people are idiots with a bad sense of humor so you can get some very groan-worthy comments but on the other hand there are more nice people with good sense of humor that give helpful and funny comments and I enjoy talking with them.

    I don't know about spam (as in botspam) because in my sites I haven't gotten any.
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    People don't really comment on my blog ever . I use it mostly to show my art to friends and family and stuff.

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    Same as Andrew said, above. i use mine mainly so my friends/family can keep up with what i'm up to, but also to maybe find some other people that i wouldn't otherwise have found just from

    It's also possible to look at other people's blog and check out what blogs they're following and find killer artists like that too. Oftentimes you can go from blog to blog to blog just checking out who'se following them and find some really great artists.
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    I think that for this kind of feedback deviantart is more than suitable.

    Edit: What I wanted to say is that the "what your audience has to say" kind of feedback can be found on DA, from people of different craft themselves, different level of skill etc. You don't necessarily have to do a separate blog.
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    I have high traffic with my blog, but even so, I don't get that many comments. Maybe five or six per post. I have it set for approval because of spambots and sometime asshole comments. My blog is set up more as an instructional site and less of a diary of work though.
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    I have an art blog i update like two to three times a a month i have a commet box but i disabled posting since spammers keept using it

    I just use it so i can focus on art

    (i`m faaar from a great artist but posting progress makes me feel like im doing something

    If you wonder its and i use wordpress
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    Making a group of the people you know personally is a very good thing to do in case u want to get good and modest crits, u dont nessesarily need hundreds of people to see your art, eventhough it might be very small. If you agree to crit eachother for the aspect to improve, not for flattering.
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