Sketchbook: It crawls through the fax.
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Thread: It crawls through the fax.

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    Hi Bud

    Thanks for stopping by my SB its always nice to see you around, I am also glad you agree with my points on illustrating anything as long as you get paid.
    Rather strangely some folks that I meet up with from time to time have had a go at me for "selling out for money" and that "I should stick to one thing like Monet did", That whole conversation was all so breathtakingly stupid that I could hardly get my head around what they were trying to say.
    But I guess the bottom line is that "opinions are like assholes! right or wrong we all have one, but we need to remember that sticking it in someones face without warning can get you punched !!" LOL.

    Kids are so opinionated these days eh!!?

    stay well my mate and keep on posting, I am still around and in your corner if you need a stiff drink and someone to talk shite with!! :-)

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