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    Lighting help please

    Hello all, this is my first post on here. I am trying to get better at doing environments and scenes with some story to them. This scene is taking place during the day, but I am not sure how or even what type of dramatic lighting would work. If anyone has any advice or could point me to some good tutorial on environmental lighting, that would be awesome. Also, any other comments to help make this a better scene (i know it is kinda sparce, but I want them to be in the middle of nowhere looking for this thing) Thanks!
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    Try introducing different colors into the skin. Right now it appears to be compromised of only one color. Same applies to clothing and hair etc.

    That sky looks pretty dark, but theres a light source of some sort. I'll just assume the sun is out, out of frame. The snow is really white in places so I assume that light source is quite bright... shouldnt the characters have much brighter highlights on them?

    Also, where are the footprints / displaced snow? Shouldnt snow be sticking to their pants and boots?

    i assume this is still WIP, so you'll be shading the weapons, hair etc.

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    Agree with clarithium. What scene is this? Is this a hunting scene or a slay-the-tentacle-monster scene? I say this because your creature isn't really doing anything and its pretty small considering how big your figures are. Also why do you have the older guy shirtless? Isn't this a presumed arctic?

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    I think you should firstly assume the light source and light direction and work from that. By far everything in the picture looks flat: sky, water, snow and characters too.
    With bigger strokes show some lit and shadowed surfaces. The sky and water should be the easiest: sky gets brighter towards horizon and water gets darker. Look at any arctic landscape refs for that.
    Also, I agree, that the shirtless guy doesn't add to the believability of the scene. Give him some warm fluffy animal skin!

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