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    Pre-Animation or Introduction to concept art?

    Hello, this is my first post.

    I was wondering if these courses at Algonquin College:
    General Arts and Science:
    ->Pre-Animation or ->Introduction to Concept Art.

    The Concept art course looks like it HAS more courses on art in general, such as colour theory and a few other things then Pre-Animation seems to have.

    Introduction to Concept Art:

    Level: 01
    ART0015 Environment Design I 45.0
    ART0016 Character and Creature Design I 45.0
    ART0017 Colour Theory I 45.0
    ART0018 Life Drawing I 60.0
    ART0019 Concept Art Lab 45.0
    DAT5758 Computer Foundations I 45.0
    ENL1813G Communications I 45.0

    Level: 02
    ART0020 Environment Design II 60.0
    ART0021 Character and Creature Design II 60.0
    ART0022 Colour Theory II 60.0
    ART0023 Portfolio Preparation 30.0
    ART0024 Life Drawing II 60.0
    ENL1823G Communications II 45.0


    Level: 01
    ANI1600 Layout Design I 60.0
    ANI1601 Character Design I 60.0
    ANI1602 Life Drawing I 60.0
    DAT5758 Computer Foundations I 45.0
    ENL1813G Communications I 45.0
    SSC0056 Digital Photography 30.0

    Level: 02
    ANI0017 Portfolio Preparation 30.0
    ANI1610 Layout Design II 60.0
    ANI1611 Character Design II 60.0
    ANI1612 Life Drawing II 60.0
    ENL1823G Communications II 45.0
    HIS0012 History of Animation 45.0

    Okay, so my question is, Which course would be best to take it a semi-drawer who has only drawn one penciled picture of a guys face *no ears must a i add and it took me about 28 hrs to do...eyes scare me*

    Which one *if anyone here has taken one or the other*
    is best suited i supposed for someone who wants to just "learn to draw", i haven't taken any art classes in my entirety, "excluding high-school" ..that i never paid any attention to.

    Thank you and if i seem to ramble, I apologize lol.

    Awaiting your hasty reply,

    Amanda Cardinal

    PS. links to both sites:

    Introduction To Concept Art:

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    I can tell you about the Pre animation program, but If you want me to be 100% honnest you have to send me a private message, but just like that I can tell you. You will learn a lot about animation way of doing characters design and layout and life drawing they use a classical approach first then its more animation style

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