arr hey everyone im Dave ive only posted one pic, u may of seen it the rave mech its basically the only "proper" concept art ive done..

im pretty confident in drawing cartoons, not so stong with anatomy etc.. anyways im going off the track..

Id love to be a concept artist, just not sure how well id stand up in the work place, im 17 atm and ive been studying graphic design at uni for a year, been using ps since i was about 12 hangin out on sijun etc.

Just wondering if anyone on this board is aussie and is a professional concept artist? Cause i dunno how much work there is in australia for Concept artists or wat courses there are n stuff,

any information on wat kind of time frame and requirements are placed upon CA's in the workplace..

I have a feeling i just wrote something that is not respondable

anyways.. HI!