Name:  New New Cy2.jpg
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a character of mine i created, this is actually an updated version him the other was childish. his name is cypher

Name:  Talon designs.jpg
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the face is just a bit messed up, but just testing things
Name:  NTcl.jpg
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Name:  NTaloncolour.jpg
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a friends character which i drew for her. her name is talon
on really recently learned/learning to colour

Game Jam
Name:  Workshop2a.jpg
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Name:  Workshopcla.jpg
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Name:  refined Workshop1a.jpg
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for a platform game

Name:  Winston full body2a.jpg
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Winston (incomplete)

Name:  L side veiws2.jpg
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Name:  l designs.jpg
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Name:  aah no 1.jpg
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he doesn't have a name yet cept library guy
extremely tall
Name:  blushcl.jpg
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Name:  Estelle.jpg
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Name:  Estelle3h.jpg
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Esttelle he collar is too small

Name:  Richard3a1.jpg
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Name:  Richard3cla.jpg
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Name:  Richard3cl1 2a.jpg
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Name:  3 guys (2).jpg
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Name:  3guys .jpg
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sorry about the sizes