Digital Painting Process: Simple Environment Landscape
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Thread: Digital Painting Process: Simple Environment Landscape

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    Digital Painting Process: Simple Environment Landscape

    Hi all, been a while since i posted here, maybe 5 years... I was doing this environment painting demo for my students in class, an hour demo.
    Just thought I could compile and share it here as well for those who might find it any useful.

    Simple Environment Painting Demo - Painting Process

    Rough In Idea with Simple Values

    This serves as just a guideline, as there are numberous ways to approach your painting, whichever suits your own personal preferences that you are comforatble in.
    This life demo was done for my students in class in about 1 hour's time.
    For me, the first step is to do a couple of roughs, as much as you like to just warm up to get started. It will be in the form of very loose broad strokes, playing with shapes ( can be abstract or geometric )
    *Sketching with just values allows us to see the form more distinctly.
    Base on those initial shapes, I generate an idea/ inspiration from that blon of mess ( usually which is also at times comes up with interesting fresh painting )

    Base Colour

    Base on a late morning sunlight, placed down the base colour for the sky and mountains. Using cool colours for the sky and shadows and warm colour for the terrains.

    Sky light and Reflection

    Having a general idea that the main light source is coming from the left side of the picture and is being reflected around the environment.
    Added in the light and shadows and some cool blues to the side of the mountain and warm reds underneath showing the bounced light from the ground.

    Focal Point and Colour Saturation

    Wanted the sky to be more vibrant around the focal point which is the mountain.
    Added more saturated blues to the sky and at the same time tightening the edges and refining the form a little more.

    Edges and Details

    Cleaning the edges of the important areas which as the mountain ( Mid-Ground) to give it that crisp look and clarity.

    Clouds and sky

    As this piece is meant to be a simple colour key, Gave some suggestions of the clouds in the sky while keeping it loose.

    Colour Adjustments and Final Touches

    Some last small details were added to the surfaces and increasing the contrast around the focal points.

    That's it for this short demo. hope you guys like it.

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    Really useful. Never thought to use saturation for a focal point because I'm dumb. Thanks.

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