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    Quote Originally Posted by Bnoch View Post
    Thanks for all the comments me hearties.

    I was asked on the CHOW side of things why I don't submit my work into the finals thread (@elephant's stroke). I answered this same question a while back.

    I've been using CA for a while now as a tool to keep fresh from the daily things I'm working on at a studio level. Multiple years on a couple projects, and regular exposure to the same subject matter, doesn't allow me to grow and keep my ideas sharp.

    I don't feel the need to try and win anything for the sake of winning, but I do find satisfaction in adding my flavor to the pot of images to express my ideas on a subject. What's great about this site is the exposure to ideas across multiple countries, where there are many people coming from various backgrounds in art. I never know what kind of madness I'll see next.

    Stars by names are cool CA successes, but like most people on this site, I work hard so I suck less than the next guy who wants my job.
    I was wondering about that.

    The concepts I've seen you put out were all clear winners, so it's nice of you to step aside and allow us mortals a shot at the prize.

    Although if you did enter it might encourage us to work even harder

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