Hey all.

I'm considering upgrading my computer soon and springing for a nice new desktop to do my art on, since my laptop is starting to feel pretty cramped.

The tower I'm not as worried about, since it seems anything with decent specs will probably be fine. But a good monitor can be hard to find, especially with LCD's.

Right now I have an iMac at work, and I love the screen- nice crisp and clear - and best of all it's got a layer of glass over it, so it doesn't, um, "squish" when you touch it. It's a fine computer, but I still hate the OS interface, and it's rather out of my price range. Are there any comparable monitors for PC that are reasonably priced? I was hoping to grab one for $150 or less, possibly $200 but I'd rather avoid it. I'm aware that the best quality may not be available in that range, but as long as it's dependable and reasonably good... I don't need the best.

On a more general note, what should I look out for, spec-wise, for good monitor quality? They list a lot of numbers on various sites, but unlike tower specs, I don't know much of what they mean. Any recommendations would be helpful.