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    The Girl and the Robot


    Here is a painting I finished a couple weeks ago, but finally found time to post here. This was my final project for one of my design classes. The female character is based off a screenshot from Unreal Tournament 3. I had a ton of fun working on this, learning a ton during the process. Took around 40-50 hours to complete.

    Comments and critiques welcome and appreciated!

    ~Chris Perron

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    Nice piece! It's very detailed and the background seems pretty solid. Few things come up when I look at the piece, however.

    For such a dynamic scene the composition is perhaps too symmetric (girl on the right, robot on the left, both pretty much at the same horizontal axis). The cropping, too, could be better (what is that thing the robot mutilated? reads to me as a torso)

    Even though there's much ambient lighting due to the snow reflecting it, I think you should push the values a bit. The girl has some darker areas which is good, but the snow-white robot suffers from not having much difference in value. A trick in photoshop would be to turn your image into black-n-white, and even work with greyscales alone to make sure you've got the values right (to make sure you're objects and focus points pop out of the back ground) before you start putting color in.

    I do believe the nearest-to-us forearm is a tad bit long. With anatomy and proportion it helps to draw the the structure underneath the armor/clothes before starting to cover it. Always try and understand even that which is not drawn/painted. It helps make things look a lot better

    I'm no professional, so feel free to correct me.

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    I duno to me i think the composition isnt too bad, but i do agree that maybe showing what the robot killed might have made the picture a little bit more interesting. Also the girl is shooting the robot so maybe put some bullet holes on the robot, or like sparks showing the armor deflecting the bullets might be an idea i duno. The robot i think stands out ok, maybe needs a lil more contrast but i understand he might be that way for camo and the black wires and what not help him stand out so hes not invisible thats for sure, but other than that i think its a well done drawing man..... wish i could draw that good so i shouldn't be saying much lol. But i keep on banking the hours and you keep at her man! Thanks for sharing.

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    Cool, but as said, you should've expanded the scene and showing who was killed by the robot. Also, the facial expresion on the girl doesn't seem appropriate, she should look mad or something. But, all at all, nice work, interesting scene.

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