Sorry if this is in the wrong place or a bit vague. I've just made a terrible conclusion about my art education and I'm in a bit of a fluster at the moment.

OK, so I'm just about to start my third year of a Bachelor of Fine Art, with a major in Painting/Drawing, at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not getting what I want out of the degree. At all.

It could just be that I have unhelpful lecturers that wont point me in the right direction to get what I want, but I seems like I spend my entire time doing things that are counter productive or just plain cryptic.


What I'm looking for is an Australian, preferably Sydney based, university or college that offers Illustration/Concept art based degrees. Or at least has schemes with a focus on this.

Any information or experiences people have to offer that's relevant is also appreciated. I honestly have no idea where to look for information (since I apparently have my dumb hat on today).

I know COFA offers some electives with design, illustration or concept development based focuses, but they're electives. One off things that are all offered in the second half of the year and, from what the online help indicates, not particularly well throughout.