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Thread: My Design Stuff

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    My Design Stuff

    I think I'll post here for my computer graphics related work

    1. Mock/Fake Monster Minimalistic redesign + ad
    Thought I would share. my attempt to change Monster the energy drink brand to a minimalistic look and an apple-esque ad.

    (the ingredients are not the same in case you are wondering)

    My Design Stuff

    if there is copyright issues or wahtever, please feel free to delete and contact me. Sorry if there are any problems

    2. Lady GaGa Wallpaper - Gaga Nation / Union of Gaga Repoublic (UGGR)
    My Design Stuff

    3. 4Loko Vodka
    My Design Stuff
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    Your minimalism in the first design is all fine, but with this slender polished font you lose the "monster" yet again if you opt for Monsterism you might lose the minimalism. I'd try remembering some slender streamlined monsters in search for design ideas, (sharkes perhaps?). Otherwise this gets to be too generic.

    A minor side note, if you are already playing with cyrilic letters remeber that someone from cyrilic using country might mistake your O woth and overlaping vertical bar with cyrilic F.

    Some little nitpicking about GAGA wallpaper. In Russian abreviations dot is not a separator, rather it is an abreviation indicator, it should be U. G. G. R. and not U.G.G.R, but, heck, this might not really matter

    Your thid design frankly looks too random to me. I don't understand the choice of font sizes, and placement of elements. Obviously it is supposed to evoke CCCP memories, but this has been done so many times that one now needs to dig more deeply in soviet visual heritage to pull new interesting elements. Luckily there is plenty of those to go around for quite a few more rounds. I don't know if you have done this intentionaly, but you are on the right track making 4 bigger then leters LOKO. For example on Russian vehicle licence plates numbers are about 40% bigger then letters. It is a nice graphic element that quickly stands out.
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