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  • Farquad

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  • Grumbleputty

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  • Odayga

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  • lkjhgfdsa

    7 7.61%
  • nram

    4 4.35%
  • KurtKomoda

    2 2.17%
  • GoldenSerpent

    19 20.65%
  • matt kohr

    38 41.30%
  • benu

    10 10.87%
  • (lark

    2 2.17%
  • Si_Swe

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  • SailorMooninite

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    C.O.W. #200! Gorgeous Sky Guardian. VOTING!


    Topic: Land, Sea and Air - Gorgeous Sky Guardian

    Single Vote (<20 entries)...

    Deadline for the voting: Sunday Feb. 5th, 2011

    This voting round is the first of a two round set to determine our new mascot. This week of voting will determine the winner of this round (who will get their star as per usual), but also, the top 3 will go on to the second round of voting to determine our new mascot.

    Remember to show some love, thank the people who's entries you liked but couldn't vote for. Also if you've got the time, add some crits.
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    Artist: Farquad

    Concept: Isotore

    The midlands of Thaunis are dominated by levitating rocks, made possible through
    a combination of waste-product gases given off by the blue-volcanoes hundreds of feet
    below, and the porous, light-weight nature of the rocks produced there. This is where the
    Isotore makes its home. Not many creatures can venture to the heights of its realm, and
    for that this location is said to be sacred and guarded by the Isotore. The only time this
    beautiful creature is seen is when it descends from its sky fortress to the surface in times
    of great ecological peril. For that, this mythical beast is said to be not from the mortal
    world and considered a god on Thaunis.

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    Artist: Grumbleputty

    Concept: Prismat

    A solitary Prismat floats high in the atmosphere above Eradi Par. Entirely dependent on converted solar energy to maintain the high temperatures in its float dome, Prismats must always remain on the sunlit side of the planet, endlessly traveling across the sky. The sun's rays are focused and refracted inside the dome, surrounding the creature in a halo of pure color. Survey teams have noted that many of the planet's other aerial life forms seem to congregate around a nearby Prismat as it passes by, and often predators and prey will be seen cavorting peacefully through the surrounding rainbows.
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    Artist: Odayga

    Concept: Beast of Heaven

    The Beast of Heaven is known as the angel of the skies, it brings peace to the planet and aids those in need. All who gaze upon this creature are filled with love, peace, humility and euphoria. Its 20 feet in length and 8 feet in height, many of the 'higher species' ride this magnificent creature and form powerful bonds with it through mind and body. The Beast of Heaven is extremely powerful and stealthy in the skies, it has four wings and powerful jaws that allow it to capture prey and have an advantage in aerial battles, it hardly lands on the ground, the only places it lands are the lakes, oceans and seas. Its back feet are adapted to both air and water, its powerful tail also aids it in swimming as well as maneuvering in the air/contributes to balance/aerodynamics.
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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Iniame

    She didn't want a pony, or an xbox360...
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    Artist: Nram

    Concept: Odaroloc
    The Odaroloc is a gigantic flying creature that makes it’s home high up in the Atmosphere, the fur covered body makes up for the low temperatures it must face at high altitudes, the wings and antennae function as a solar panel grabbing the sun’s energy to regulate body temperature. Although it’s shy nature, the Odaroloc is considered to be the Guardian of the skies in Ghuoe IX

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    Artist: Kurt Komoda

    Concept: Lumirina, the Ascending Ribbon
    400 meters in length, The Lumirina appears to spend its entire existence aloft, noiselessly twisting and winding through the heavens of Aegrilla 3. The first life form encountered by probes entering the atmosphere of Aegrilla 3(in fact, intercepting and then following the probes for almost the entire length of the mission), they have shown remarkable signs of intelligence. When the first manned expedition was threatened by the Virkus Diamond Wing(p. 342), a Lumirina interceded and appeared to ward off the attacker. The Lumirina communicate with pulsing and radiating bioluminescent patterns on its neck frill, as well as elaborate contortions and aerial acrobatics, giving it the appearance of a swirling ribbon. The Lumirina have not been observed to have any natural predators. Though few in number(to this date, only 23 have been catalogued), the Lumirina have appeared in all areas of the planet. Interesting note: recent mission updates seem to suggest that they seem to be keeping us from exploring the mountainous areas in the southern polar region. The purpose of this is not known. Little is yet known of their life cycle or diet.

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    Artist: GoldenSerpent

    Concept: Furcapoda aitherios
    Furcapoda aitherios is named for its forked legs and ethereal beauty. These spectacular creatures never leave the sky because their veins are full of a lighter than air liquid which keeps them eternally airborne. It is said that being int he presence of an aitherios induces feelings of euphoria and that these creatures have no predators simply because not even the most savage beasts are immune to the sight of their elegance. The aitherios are peaceful nectar feeders and will adopt a field or forest of flowers as their territory, and with their hypnotic beauty guard the delicate blossoms from anyone who would harm them.

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    Artist: Matt Kohr

    Concept: "Air King"

    Larger than all other birds by a hundredfold, this fantastic flyer is known as "Air King" by the local tribesmen. Due to Local custom, his roost and hunting grounds are strictly forbidden, so he is only seen twice yearly during migration. It is said that a single feather fallen from his wing will bless the village for the upcoming winter.

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    Artist: benu

    Concept: Aello

    The Aello only nests on the sacred island of Firantis. The beast is regarded as the guardian of the sun god Fir, created in his image. Whoever is lucky to see this rare creature soar high up in the sky on its golden wings, is blessed with a sight of celestial beauty and a sense of the god's glory.
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    Artist: (lark

    Concept: fillowinsk

    The fillowinsk have guarded the skies of trioth for a very long time. Causing gasps of awe and joy when seen, the fillowinsk are prey to no known predators due to their beauty. Even the fierce bromts is calmed out of its blood lust when encountering them. The ornately patterned colors (that shift depending on their lighting) and oddly beautiful bubble formations that they use to fly (which are filled with an extremely low density gas that it produces giving it lift) give the fillowinsk an angelic sense of beauty and peacefulness, so much so that when viewed, one doesn't feel they need anything else to fulfill their lives.

    Side note... they were designed by the moxozysts of the sea to protect something, only the maxozysts are certain of what it is they're protecting, but it is theorized they are protecting the planet itself from outer planetary intrusion of some kind. This still remains a mystery.

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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Tyrsariphus

    Floating on above the clouds is the massive and enigmatic Tyrsariphus. Having no mouth and little means of communication, the creature is revered for the simple sense of wonder it strikes into the hearts of all who witness it's presence. It has been hailed as godly in some cultures, and is said to bring a spiritual sense of tranquility and peace simply from the sight of it. There have been fewer than 50 sightings of the creature, but it is believed that there are as many as 6 of the creatures roaming the skies above the island of Persephone.
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    Artist: Sailormooninite

    Concept: Iris

    After a warm rain and the sun breaks the clouds, one can often see a rainbow streak across the sky connecting the earth with the heavens. Few know why these rainbows form, but when they do, it is taken as a sign of life, peace, and prosperity. The rainbows are actually made up of millions of tiny sky sprites known to only a blessed few as the Iris. These delicate, playful, and curious creatures come out after the rain to collect the last raindrops and moisture left in the atmosphere. Their shells and wings glisten in the bright sun rays causing them to refract the light and change to a blanket of gradient color.
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    Artist: Sapphire
    Creature name: aeronotis lacerta

    This etherial creature uses a combination of lighter-than-air gases as well as an organ similar to a swim bladder to remain aloft on the breezes. Its rare sightings often coincide with the aftermath of natural lightning storms. Some say that it is a lifebringer, responsible for the renewal of growth after these natural cleansings.
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    Artist: skullbeast

    Concept: Jart
    The Jart has what seems to be strange powers. When they are seen, all in their path stand still and wait, they take a moment, recoup, and forget any negative thoughts they may of had, once refreshed they continue on there way.

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