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  • Forrest_I

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  • PokketMowse

    0 0%
  • Nikola Marinkovic

    0 0%
  • Farquad

    19 17.76%
  • GoldenSerpent

    45 42.06%
  • George Abraham

    0 0%
  • lkjhgfdsa

    8 7.48%
  • Lane.

    14 13.08%
  • Si_Swe

    1 0.93%
  • skullbeast

    1 0.93%
  • sepu

    0 0%
  • Acki

    0 0%
  • VegasMike

    28 26.17%
  • los

    10 9.35%
  • DefiledVisions

    11 10.28%
  • (lark

    26 24.30%
  • o0Dave0o

    0 0%
  • Izer

    0 0%
  • Arbinn

    10 9.35%
  • Homerid

    21 19.63%
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    C.O.W. #200! Alpha land predator. VOTING!


    Topic: Land, Sea and Air - Alpha Land Predator

    Multivote (≥20 entries)...

    Deadline for the voting: Sunday Feb. 5th, 2011

    This voting round is the first of a two round set to determine our new mascot. This week of voting will determine the winner of this round (who will get their star as per usual), but also, the top 3 will go on to the second round of voting to determine our new mascot.

    Remember to show some love, thank the people who's entries you liked but couldn't vote for. Also if you've got the time, add some crits.
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    Artist: Forrest_I

    Concept: Alpha Land Predator
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    PokketMowse- Land Predator

    Attachment 1144762

    Artist: PokketMowse

    Concept: Alpha Canix

    These hardy, muscular, and extremely aggressive beasts are pack hunters that congretate in small family groups. While technically not among the largest of predatory beasts (Even large males stand barely human height at the shoulder) these creatures are highly successful and tenacious hunters that truly have little to the threat from other packs of their own species.

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    Artist: Nikola Marinković

    Concept: Desert Hunter

    These creatures have well developed defensive system consisting of their hard skin parts made of some kind of rock. They are most feared creatures lurking around because their defensive system makes them invulnerable and their strength and speed makes them fierce predators with no competition.
    "Art cannot be modern, art is eternal." Egon Schiele.

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    Artist: Farquad

    Concept: Vrakkore

    It's name is the Vrakkore, and is the most feared predator in the known universe.
    They are absolutely relentless in hunting thier prey, and commonly known to chase
    therakins across the blue volcanos of the planet Thaunis. During these pursuits, the
    Vrakkore will actually sprint through the lava fields without so much as a twinge of
    pain, as their lower legs are completely coated in unbearably hot, molten rock. As it
    cools and hardens, the Vrakkore actually utilizes it pseudo-armor to gore and thrash
    its prey with an even greater efficiency.

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    Artist: GoldenSerpent

    Concept: Karnicore

    These brutal creatures are the apex predators of their home planet, and unlike most predators the karnicore doesn’t just kill for food, but also for pleasure. Karnicores are perfectly equipped to give anything they find a gruesome death. Their massive maws are filled with rows of dagger-like teeth, which are constantly regrowing. The karnicore’s jaws can snap bone, its rancid saliva is full of deadly bacteria and once it sinks its razor claws into its victims it will never let go. The karnicore is truly the ultimate predator of its land; the karnicore fears nothing, but everything fears the karnicore.

    Attachment 1147719
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    Artist: George Abraham

    Concept: Protaur

    He plays with his food.
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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Necrosaunt
    These canine analogues hunt in packs of 6-12 members.
    They are a blight on the land as they hunt for more than just food, they hunt for the pleasure of the kill.
    The glow they emit is accompanied by a doppling white noise that hammers deep into the subconscious mind of their prey, causing a paralysis of thought and body.
    Few have survived the enclosing circle of glowing lights that preempts their final vicious orgy of blood.
    Good times.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Artist: Lane.

    Concept: Camaxtli

    The Camaxtli derive their name from the ancient Aztec god of hunting, war and fire. These supreme predators have stout bodies with no excess flare, but plenty of muscle. They are designed for aggressive attacks with their strong forearms and crushing jaws. Exposed bone extrudes from the skull and spine, along with scattered extrusions along the limbs. This natural armor is constantly growing.

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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Plated Markeff

    One of the most aggressive animals ever recorded, the undersized, over-muscled Markeff will openly attack almost any animal it comes across regardless of size or status. It's three sets of legs are specialized for maxium potential. It's rear legs function to help it make impressive leaps, and sprint at a pace of nearly 45km/h. It's middle set of of legs functions to support and balance the creature, as well as having excellent potential for the digging of holes, as it often does to get at larger burrowing creatures. The front legs have large talons for ripping and tearing. Very brave, very stupid poachers hunt the front talons to sell as overpriced can-openers.

    (Pictured: A Plated Markeff defends it's recent kill from scavenging Scarlet-toed Monitors.)
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    Artist: skullbeast

    Concept: thresh wollv
    This beast is highly aggressive and and territorial, Known to rend any live thing, limb from limb. it has no relevant predators.

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    Artist: sepu

    Concept: Zgrzytol

    This animal is cunning and ruthless killer who stalks his prey and usually uses surprise as his weapon. His great physical strength and speed are simple but effective protections from any wanna-be enemy that would dare to challenge Zgrzytol.

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    Artist: Acki

    Concept: Pincera

    The Pincera is a dangerous creation, which got integrated into nature. It is the result of experiments with dinosaur dna, which got mixed with the dna of shellfishes. This fact is known because of certain, nearly complete destroyed documents, and so some people are thinking, that this could be the reason for the hard armor in the midsection, its huge pincers, the crab like feet and also for its underdeveloped left arm, just like the one of a T-rex. The connection to prehistoric top predators could also be the reason for its huge aggression and bloodlust. Because of its long draw out maul and the strong right arm with three thingers, some hunters are thinking it is main relative is the died out spinosaurus or spiny lizard. There are also documents which prove, that there are also dna elements of nocturnal animals. That shows in the luminous eyes and the big 4 nostrils, which indicate a very good sense of smell. Its This specie can't become extinct without a violent superior power from the outside, because of its genderless breeding.
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    Artist: Vegasmike

    Concept: Alpha Land Predator

    Our Galactic Expedition has taken us to many planets and moons. Planet AV-33 is tropical with lush vegetation, dense jungles, and vast plains. The wildlife is a mix of gentle dinosaur like herbivores and mammals. ON AV-33 the top of the foodchain begins with the creature pictured below. This carnivore is a terrible mix of horn, tooth and has porcupine like quills along it's back for protection and display. The males used their horns in battle to claim territory and females.
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    COW: The Ujo

    Artist: los

    Concept: Ujo

    Blood thirsty beast preys on all, stands alone on top of the food chain. Along with its keen eye sight, The Ujo detects its prey through the use of hyper developed tendrils by means of detecting the heat of its prey. Should you catch a glimpse of the Ujo, you will be amung the unfortunate for there is no survival.
    Artist|S2 Games.
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