Sketchbook: Total Beginner-Mitco
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    Total Beginner-Mitco

    Hi all, so basiclly I am basiclly a beginner, I know little bits of this and that, but nothign major. I have never ever posted anything on any site before, as my stuff is basiclly all crap, and get scared of posting it. I thought ok better start posting stuff from now on, after going through Miles sketchbook, and seeing his amazing progress.

    At the moment I am finding it very hard to visualise basic obejcts in see, and also seeing through objects, and breaking them down, like cutting into a cube or sphere, I guess I need to practise more. Anywya these are a few screenshots, basiclly its nothing more than just spheres, cubes lines etc. I am doing alot of lines, cirlcles etc to get my hand exrercices and get my hand eye coordination proper. I will try to update this SB hopefully 1 time a day.

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