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    Help with feedback and ideas on my animation story/scenario for my 3d animation

    Hi, ive been currently studying media practice for the past 2 years at uni and have found it mind numbingly boring lol, so in my last year i decided to choose an animation pathway and after some chopping and choosing have come to love 3d and have been playing with Maya, now my skills at Maya are not the best, far from it, Ive tried my best at modeling organics but have found my skills lacking to pull of anything convincing for my final project so have decided about Cyborgs/robots wooop

    here's my dilemma, trying to figure out some type of story/scenario, harder then i thought it would be seeing as no matter what, i seem to have cyborg ninjas stuck in my head lol

    so below im have a few ideas, some better then others, i would like to get input on what you guys think about them and what seems to have better potential .

    aaw forgot to say after uni i want to become an environmental artist and cinematic's for games and such, getting into other areas later on, Ive actually been messing about with udk and find it extremely fascinating to be able to create such beautiful environments

    and so here comes my ideas:


    This is a story about a sweet little robot in a fake metal/mechanical forest/garden

    the little robot sees a robotic butterfly fly past and starts to chase the butterfly through the forest/garden, climbing over and through everything just to get to this butterfly that its obsessed with

    suddenly the robot comes across a real tree in its path, the tree has a small hole in it that only the butterfly can get through and so the butterfly flies through it and the robot stands there and decodes what to do.

    After thinking for a few seconds, the robots eyes start to glow red and a huge cannon around 4-5x bigger then the robot comes out of the robots back and blows the tree up leaving a huge crater,
    the robot goes back to its sweet self and continues its chase after the butterfly......

    thinking of setting this in the future, real flowers and life are rare overshadowed by industry and technology and thinking comedy, making the robot sweet to begin with but if anything gets in its way, it gets angry and blows it up

    by doing this story it allows me to experiment with animating with a simple form but also allows me to create a really cool style environment.

    what do you guys think to his idea? think it has potential, what would and wouldn't you think would work?

    That's my main idea, but i have some other simple ideas that i havn't been able to get any foundations down things like....

    * Ninja robots lol
    * Cyborg with a human heart
    * Robot rapist; that rapes all the appliances it sees
    * A robot that gets given a human heart, falls in love with a washing machine but gets nothing back, heart breaks

    Thanks for taking the time to read all help is welcomed..

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    The idea is 100% irrelevant. It is the presentation and execution that can move the audience. You can make a good animation out of anything. Literally.

    So you aren't really asking the right question here. Instead of asking whether your idea is good, ask yourself: how to present this idea well? What emotional response do I want to invoke in the audience? How to break it down into scenes? How do I stage it clearly? How do I convey the setting through nonverbal means?

    Also: Directors think with storyboards, not text.

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    i agree, its in the way u present the story, i.e the storytelling. work on that as it is the most important part. But i think your story needs a good ending, think about the meaning or what you are trying to say with the film, and that might help.

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