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    So, Hi

    Short term goal: Overcome my fear of drawing in public/infront of people. Worry less about what others think of me and my work.

    Long term goal: Become the best environment designer I can possibly be.

    With that out of the way, Hi. Name's Demha and I'm 23. I want to earn my living doing what I love to do the most, drawing.

    Some time last week I just picked up the pencil for the first time in ages and grabbed the nearest book and drew someting from it. This page is the result
    Name:  IMG_019.jpg
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    From observation:
    Name:  IMG_020.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_021.jpg
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    Saw this photo online and decided to draw from it. Her name is Maria Mena apparently.
    Name:  IMG_022.jpg
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    Ever since registering, I always wanted to start my sketchbook with amazing drawings, like a grande opening if you will, but I realize that day was never gonna come without actually starting a sketchbook to get to that level. heh.

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