Hi, I've contacted Pixologic support and they provided me with the proper means to sell my license. I have been interested in 3D work for a long time, but recently have moved on to something else. I no longer need my copy of Zbrush. Seeing as Christmas is approaching I would like to offer the full commercial product for only $400 (that's a $300 discount).

The process will work like this, buyer sends me the $400 through paypal, and then I send Pixologic an email which includes the buyers name and email. I tell them that I am giving up my rights to the copy of Zbrush, and Pixologic will then send the buyer an email with the new activation key. It's straightforward, and I will do everything within my power to make sure the buyer is up and running, as quickly as possible.

Throw me an email at Bouke285@gmail.com if you're interested.