I am looking for a conceptual artists, needs to atleast understand star wars to a decent extent. If you have seen and understand the movies that is good enough. I need about a dozen peaces done. Each peace will be particularly difficult as they are the first conceptual art peaces to be created. I am incapable of drawing and painting myself now days so I need the help of others to complete my work so that I may have some thing to show my other developers. I know exactly what I want to see and am decent at dsicribing details so I hope that I can find some one I can collaborate on and will allow room for growth. This is a possible long term project with a POSSIBLE pay off at the end of the project. This is no small task to ask of any one I know and that is why I want to be precise about what I need and expect.

1: fimiliar with star wars.
2: Ability to listen and visualize.
3: As the ideas grow you need to be flexible.
4: as far as what type of art I do not mind, 3d, painting, w/e some thing in color would be nice.
5: these must be of at-least decent quality and time is a matter of principal.
6: I am not looking for a flake, so if you cant finish the job do NOT start.
7: I am a man of great patience but it needs to be remembered this is my idea and I need it done a specific way

The art will be dark and dramatic in feel, the dirtier the better. Mostly Organics and landscapes will be needed for now.