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    First I should introduce myself, my name is Max. I just started art school at Northwest College of Art in September and I am really enjoying school. The thing I am noticing is that I have a hell of lot of work to do if I am going to get my self up to par with some class mates and quite frankly, most of you. A guy I met at school showed me this site and my jaw dropped. So when I got time to check it out I did. I must say I am really impressed. Which leads me to my query.

    After several long head scratches looking at this board I realize that I have a whole lot to learn about illustration. This site has a TON of useful info on it but I have no idea where to start. I am looking at getting a double major from school in fine art and multimedia and I will be learning Maya when it comes down to my senior year. Right now I am not too interested in learning computer stuff, what I want to learn more about is hard copy illustration. I just discovered gouche and I love it. So far my work is above average. Matter of fact in my materials class (kinda boring class where we learn about different mediums) my teacher made me do his demo. This is not too suprising though cause he does not work in gouche that often. Anyhow enough about that...

    What I really want to know is,

    1) Wheres a good place to start checking out whats on this site?

    2) Should I focus on my hard copy illustrations so much or start to make the switch to computer aided illustration?

    3) Where can I find books of science fiction illustrations to get ideas for my own work? (Giger is a favorite of mine as well as Jeffery Jones)

    4) Are there any good ways to work on hand skills besides making the crap drawings in my sketch book all day?

    Anyhow thank you for reading such a long post and I look forward to becoming part of the community here on the board. Also thank you in advance for any advice.

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    If I sound harsh forgive me, but say this in your mind the nicest way possible: Get used to the fact that people are going to be better then you. Someone is always going to be better then you. You can never be the best but you can be a equal. Stride to be that equal with practice and learning. Also, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, that person maybe good at just drawing, but he may not be able to paint with gouche all that well. I know at my school, I'm a better drawer then this one girl, but she paints REALLY good. I mean, I'm blown away. And it really surpises me that she has THAT much focus because shes one of those ditsy girls who NEVER shuts up, but as soon as she starts to paint--ZIP! Her mouth shuts and doesn't open for the whole period.

    1) The tutorial section seems like a good place to start. Though you can learn just as much by looking at other's artwork. It would also be nice if you could post some of your work so that we can critique it or just comment on it.
    Also, other forums may suit you better:
    GFXArtist A graphics forum.
    Eatpoo Another forum known for photoshop
    The Drawing Board A lot of illustrators there, and cartoonists.

    Don't expect to find micricles on the interent. Nothing beats hard practice. BTW, my opinion on improving by practicing is to draw your hardest on 1 project. Try to make it perfect. Atleast, thats how I learn the most.

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