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    Mac Monitors and PC Monitors

    I was working on a digital painting on my PC last night and this morning I brought it over to my school's mac lab to work on it some more, only to discover all of the details I put into the shadows vanished into a pitch black void. I gaped at this, tweaked my picture to make the details show up again on the Mac, saved it under a different file name, and brought it home to look at the same file on my PC. There it looked washed out.

    I frowned, made sure my monitor was properly calibrated, then moved both the original file and the newly edited file over to my laptop to view them. The original file made on my PC looked fine - the one I edited on the Mac looked washed out.

    I saved the file as a JPG and then sent it around to a group of friends who all have either Macs or PCs. All the Mac users saw pitch blackness in the shadows while all the PC users saw detail. After sputtering out a stream of angry rage at Mac, I came here to ask -... how do I get around something like this? Do I save two versions of the same image? One for macs and one for PCs?

    Do I invest in a mac so I can view the same image on two different types of computers and try to find a neat middle ground where the picture looks okayish on both PC and Mac? What do I do?

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    Get a color calibrator. From what I remember both Mac and PCs use different Gamma settings.

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    I'm actually more concerned on how to display my images on the web for others to see. Though I'm starting to realise that worrying about that might be a hopeless kind of battle, since there's no way I can make the pictures look good on EVERYONE's monitor. T_T

    Should I basically just make sure my monitor's properly calibrated, make the paintings, and hope for the best in regards to what other people on other monitors end up seeing?

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    Since Mac OS v10.6, Apple moved from gamma value of 1.8 to the same value of 2.2 used on PC:
    Mac OS X v10.6: About gamma 2.2
    Anyway, the color management is made also to fix this kind of issue. If you save an image with a profile using a gamma value of 2.2, anyone using a monitor displaying gamma value of 1.8 should be able to see the image with the right colors.

    So my advice, stick with 2.2 (the one on your PC) since everyone use now this value and don't forget to embed a color profile in your image.

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    Or if your opening the images in photoshop just switch between colour profiles.

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