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    Hey Wing! Nice to see you again You have definitely improved since last time I checked your sketchbook. I can see a difference from the dynamic sketching as well! Your drawings have so much life in them, I think it is a matter of learning how to tame that energy and make it work for you.

    I notice that a lot of your sketches are floating on the page without context. I know you're focusing on form, and by the way your animal drawings are just superb, but establishing a ground plane and horizon line early on can really help to make things clearer for you in your mind, and as a result the drawing will be clearer (I think Peter Han mentions this). The character and emotion in your drawings is really strong, a better knowledge & clear application of perspective might be what can take you to the next level.

    I'm loving the color studies as well. You're definitely getting somewhere with those All the best, keep up the hard work!


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