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    Freelancers: Do we need a business license?

    I was wondering if any of you other freelancers out there could help me with this question.

    I got a business license when I first started freelancing back in Virginia, but then I moved and had a full-time job for a while.

    Now I have been freelancing again for the past couple of years and have not yet gotten one. Is there any reason I would need to get one? When I had one in VA, the only thing it did for me was cause more junk mail to arrive in my mailbox!

    Any help on this would be appreciated. It doesnt seem like it's neccessary, but maybe I have been breaking the law all this time..... I still pay my taxes though!

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    not entirely sure, I'm from Ontario, Canada and we require everyone to register their business, prior to doing any actual work. Just so the government understands what it is your doing and in the event your business plan falls under the guidelines of your state, etc. you would then be required to pay taxes. I don't know your rules but i would definetly ask, but don't make it obvious to them your situation, never know what might come of it

    In Ontario we don't have to pay taxes for 'services rendered' more for products purchased. I won't get into more of this mess, all we do up here is pay taxes,lol!
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    Hell , I hope not. I've been freelancing for the past 4 years and haven't been hauled off yet. Just keep good records for taxes and you should be good to go.

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    I have one, and some clients provide a 1099 for me at the end of the year, which simplifies my bookkeeping quite a bit...

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    your not breaking teh law sean.hehheh.. i think the reason people get teh business license is for certain right-off options you get (business expenses)but i could be wrong--

    but you def dont HAVE to have one to freelance

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