MATTE-EFFECT : A Digital Matte-Painting Freelance Company!

Hi Everyone,

We are a Team of 27 extremely talented, passionate and dedicated Digital Matte-Painters, working online from various parts of the Globe!

Our range of Services are as follows:

1) Digital Matte-Painting (2D, 2.5D and 3D Camera Projection)
2) Concept Art
3) Poster Art
4) Rotoscopy
5) Compositing
6) Motion Graphics
7) Graphic Designing

We have one VFX Supervisor and one Digital Matte-Painting Supervisor, along with three Lead Digital Matte-Painters and others are Digital Matte-Painters! Our Artists have more than 20 Blockbuster Hollywood Feature Film Credits under their belt! So, we can take any Project from the initial Concept stage to the finished Final Digital Matte-Painting composited!

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Kaustav Sinha
(Digital Matte-Painter/VFX Artist | Founder & Director : MATTE-EFFECT) |