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  • Vyse

    9 14.52%
  • xNatje

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  • Vitribius

    4 6.45%
  • Ragnj

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  • hyjaxe

    5 8.06%
  • Lucky Munky

    2 3.23%
  • android411

    19 30.65%
  • noche

    30 48.39%
  • Potbelly

    1 1.61%
  • KarylGilbertson

    0 0%
  • Kafka Dreams

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  • JanJager

    18 29.03%
  • jeremygordon89

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  • matejkovacic

    3 4.84%
  • SinnerMan

    6 9.68%
  • mooglesarelittle

    12 19.35%
  • smuli

    14 22.58%
  • thescala

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  • JellevdVegt

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  • mbetteker

    3 4.84%
  • IvanChristian

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  • twentyone

    5 8.06%
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  • m8y

    8 12.90%
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    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Round # 152



    In religion and spirituality, a pilgrimage is a long journey or search of great moral significance. Sometimes, it is a journey to a shrine of importance to a person's beliefs and faith. Members of many major religions participate in pilgrimages. A person who makes such a journey is called a pilgrim. Are the pilgrims arriving at a holy place, a lost kingdom, a valley of peace, a city in ruin?

    Deadline for Voting - December 23rd

    Please vote for your personal favourite artwork from this round. Please remember that your vote should reflect an equal weight of aesthetic impact, adherance to the brief, and idea development.

    Your votes will be public.

    Please help strengthen the activity by leaving criticism for the artist you vote for, and for any other artworks you can manage!



    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    "Since most wars are caused by fighting over land, this peaceful tribe has abandoned every personal possession of personal grounds. They do not claim any land their native homeland, and do not want to take anybody´s land away or have land taken away from them. For this reason, these pilgrims never reside for long at a place and spend their lifetime on an endless journey."


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    The man is walking through the beauty of nature, day after day, to travel to the city of pilgrims. The nature is more meditative than the place he's going to.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    It is said that the pilgrims of Saint Priapus can not only move mountains with their faith but sometimes they even can change the distances between the stars.

    When Saint Priapus was left for dead in the collision of his vessel and a cloud of meteorites, he contacted somehow with the station of the star Saint Genarus, three parsecs from where he was.

    From his Spacesuit he was watching the star Genarus, dyeing of lack of oxigen. In his agony, with the power of his faith only, he appeared near the station and was rescued. But when the station checked its position, they have been moved three parsecs towards the position of Saint Priapus... with the whole sun and a dozen of planets.
    The stable singularity is still there 15.000 years after
    The pilgrims have to make this travel, and are thrown trough it while they pray. The pilgrimage takes about 27 years but the pilgrims only feel about two weeks. ( Space and time... like chewing gum, you know.) They have to reach the state of sanctified catatonia to get to the singularity and travel within it otherwise they tend to vaporize in those beautiful positrons that glow reddish when they met this reality.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    The citadel of Darkness carved right from the mountain is visited by the current Zharnian tribes shaman once every century. Here he will end his journey of leadership by sacrificing himself to the horned one in a 100 day hallucination trip of horror ending with him casting himself down the cliffs of Marduk.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    For every sinner, a test of faith and endurance takes place to the Temple of Repentance. This test puts mind and body under heavy opposition through barren wastes, extreme heat, and deep marshland. Upon arriving the holy temple, their souls are redeemed.

    Lucky Munky

    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    This is my take on...
    The Pilgrimage - To witness the giant robot dragon and pray for it's wisdom, protection and forgiveness. The Great Sky-Beast is still active and sometimes speaks. Though no one knows it's alien language, the high priests claim to know it's will. Using any activity by the creature to increase the power of the sect.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    It was the command of king Athos that his soldiers had to set out for a pilgrimage to the holy mountain. Everyone who passed the magic gate would be released their sin, loose fear and become a much bravier soldier. This was done before the big battle. But the priests warned Athos not to exploit religious places for military reasons. If the priests were right than the battle would be lost forever.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Two Pilgrimages

    Object G2-494 soon became a sacred place of pilgrimage for the Namibian and other African tribes.
    When scientists finally found it, they asked the locals about what happened there; most witch doctors said "the Gods had been given proper burial".
    Special teams are still trying to find the extraterrestrial bodies.
    Experts speculate about the causes of the crash and the intentions of the so-called Gods.
    All they know is they were transporting water. Vast amounts of water.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    This Crystal Cathedral is protecting the planet. Pilgrims journey in dark caves and tunnels for many months to reach this area.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Long ago, while fasting in the desert, a tribal shaman communed with his ancestors. They led him to an amazing site in the most isolated place in this vast wasteland.

    There, in the sand, was a gaping hole. Some sort of wondrous craft had crashed through an uncommonly thin area of ground, coming to rest in the expansive caverns below. Following his ethereal guides, the shaman was able to find a cave entrance and work his way down to the otherworldy wreckage. This marvel, though half buried in sand and unknowably old, still glowed with an eerie light. The shaman carefully removed a piece of the craft, and returned to his people with his trophy and the tale of his find.

    Ever since, generation after generation of tribespeople have followed their shamans into the desert, to see with their own eyes the marvel beneath the sands. Here they worship, believing it to be a vehicle of the gods. Here they study this wreck, still glowing after hundreds of years, hoping to one day learn of its secrets.

    Kafka Dreams

    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    The tourists come but they do not know.
    They take pictures but they do not see.
    They see only the rocks and the jungle.
    But the monks who journey to the abandoned temple,
    Who dedicate themselves to unlocking its secrets;
    In the quiet between moments they know the truth.
    In their minds' eye they see the temple in its glory beyond time.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Pilgrim Story
    The Mongols hide the tomb of their world conqueror Genghis khan as near the sky as they could.
    The site became a goal for pilgrims to get part of his great powers. The pilgrims were guided by monks. When the Mongol empire imploded security in the area couldn't not be guaranteed.
    To prevent plundering of the enormous treasures in the grave the monks stopped guiding people and hide all knowledge of the place. The story was forgotten so the Khan still rest on his mountain top preserved by the cold and surrounded by all his gold.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    The story is: hippies travel through this land of giant shrooms to reach the mother shroom that they worship and trip on shrooms for a week as part of their worship practice. They worship the shrooms that come from this mother shroom because they believe that shrooms contain the magical essence from the earth that is god, essentially; so it is their way of worshiping a spiritual power higher than any other that they know.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Pilgrimage - story:
    People of KREH have an exhausting pilgrimage they make when they are fifty
    years old. People of KREH usualy die at fifty which is why. They travel to
    the biggest monolith on the planet standing in the middle of the hot desert.
    They call the monolith "The Pin". As the legend goes the gods put the pin
    where they want their people to gather and get important message for their
    further life and their children.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    The towers of Tha-Haral
    every 30 years pilgrims from all around the land of Fhermdor come to gather at the par of mount Vfhim to praise the Other Ones in a sacrificial fashion: a second-born must be sacrificed each time a pilgrimage takes place, by throwing the innocent off the main tower's terrace to please the Other Ones. The roads to the towers is perilous and victims often fall prey to the mountain's harsh environment and lack of water.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    When you finally find your god, who's to say he won't be a giant, squishy, Kirby-like dodgeball King?


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    "Somewhere in the freezing north, there's a lake under the glacier to which only the members of the Freiger-Atr clan know the way. They believe the souls of their dead kinsmen wander to the lush forests in the cavity protected from coldness by the ice. Every year, the Freiger-Atr visit the lake in the hope of catching a glimpse of their deceased relatives and ancestors."


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    "We ventured with The Ancient Orange to seek the Orange Tree, our only hope of survival..."


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Description: As spring starts to melt the thick snows high within the mountains a monk makes the long pilgrimage back to his monastery home after spending winter deep within the mountains meditating.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)
    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Only two were brave enough to enter the sacred towers under the ominous green sky. Would their bravery be rewarded or will they be as a fool, entering into harms way by their own hand...


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    The Altiz people making their annual pilgrimage to celebrate their ancient tribal culture in the Siems Dome. Leaving behind all traces of their now super-advanced technology, for a week of music, dancing and feasting.

    (weren't taken to poll but still open for comments!)


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Monks travel to their holy temple through the hazardous winter in search of enlightenment.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    This is a temple in a very secluded area of the world, hidden deep in treacherous mountains of mist. Only a few make the long journey to worship at this temple, a place that is believed to be created by the gods themselves. Only one would ever be able to enter the temple, as the door is invisible to all except this one person. He or she would enter the temple during the darkest time of the world to call for the help of the gods.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Dangerous path.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    alright, heres my 3 hour attempt. not done of course, concept is a borderline jungle good voodoo theme. Its going to be fun to explore some new brushes with leaves. A pretty simple interpretation, follow the fire, follow the smell, ward off the beasts for prayer.

    matt kohr

    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    STORY: When a father dies, it is tradition for the eldest Yao'mir to bring an offering to the Great Alter on vigil coast. Each year the coffers fill with wonders from the world over. For pirates ragged and on the run, this means only one thing: treasure.


    E.O.W. Round 152: Pilgrimage - MULTIVOTE (Winner: noche)

    Hey guys, unfortunately I'm going to have to throw in the towel here, but I figured I'd post my progress shots anyway, hopefully to get some good feedback that I can use when I start the next contest.

    I feel like I regressed as I went along, especially when going from the first to the second. After realizing I screwed myself over by the third, I tried to go back to the look of the first, and try to get that overhanging perspective going again. I don't feel like I ever really got it, and I can't even figure out where the trail is supposed to be, thus kind of screwing myself over.

    I also don't know how I feel about working in greyscale before colorizing it, as opposed to working straight with color. Whats your guys' opinion on this? I think next time I might try working straight with color, then desaturing it every now and then to make sure my values are okay. I also probably won't attempt an extreme perspective, as well. Any other opinions/criticisms would be very helpful, thanks.

    Yeah, so... Ragnj said it best.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnj View Post
    Pardon my french but Fuckin awesome round so far guys!

    Great round peeps!!!
    Join us for the EOW..

    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week

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    Voted mooglesarelittle. Love the concept and execution
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    lol. i didnt planned on participating this one, but somehow automatically i joined the finals i kinda gave up on this, i didnt know...

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    my vote to vitribius for originality

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    My vote this round went to Mooglesarelittle and Mbetteker
    Mooglesarelittle for thinking outside the box, kinda..
    Metteker for best use of light and colour this round in my opinion.
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    oh man, thanks for putting it up anyway! didn't get a chance to add the detail i had hoped too, and no internet whilst moving houses sucks, vote goes to noche good looking bomb man.
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    Hey Vulgar, I noticed my WIP pictures accidentally got put up here. I don't mind too much since there seems to be several WIP pics up, but I noticed my "description" is actually just me asking for feedback. Might want to remove that -_-;

    Anyway I voted Jan Jager, Noche, Sinnerman, and Mooglesarelittle, in no particular order. Awesome work guys!

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    Ouch I'm getting owned... haha kind of expected it though... Tough competition this round, you guys did great
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