Hello! It's my first post here, and I decided to just show some of my art. I was directed over to the forums to meet other artists and get critiques and tips, and I've got to say there are many amazing artists here. A little bit about me: I'm an English and fine arts major at Oregon State University, and I'm deeply interested in art history, particularly.

I don't know if this is right, me posting a bunch of art in one thread on this forum, but I guess I'm trying to give people a grasp of my art as a whole... Critique away, and don't be ask what the heck I'm doing too!

So pretty much, here are some of my collages. I make them by hand, the whole magazine and scissors deal. Some of them take a a half hour, others weeks and weeks as I search for all the right images.

And here are some of my paintings. It's been an on-going series of watercolors I've been doing on either wood or cardboard. I'll include a picture of them in my room, just so there is a reference to their size.