Hello, this is Enrique Puente

Well, I have an essay to present in highschool, about reinassance, as an spesific topic Michelangelo, emphasis in Sistine Chapel. Well as the work follows I need to state a thesis "Sistine Chapel, the Michelangelos most difficult artwork"... it's supposed, that for the reader's interest and for a greater ideas consition I need to state an argument, ideas supporting my idea, and ideas against. "Statements"!!

So... the prblem here is, i've been lookin for it, and searching in as many sources as possible and I cant steel find anything!! Right now I'm desiding in changing my thesis statement, or something.

But maby someone of you have some info. about the topic, or something or any other presented work related, please people I really pareciate any kind of ideas, please, any ideas for another thesis, anything!!

Even the ones the critizise my grammar and stuff, anything please...

Thnxs a lot dudes :chug: