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    Summer Programs

    I'm looking for good summer programs for high school freshmen. Unfortunately, a large number of schools around here (NJ/NYC area) require me to be 16 to enter. I'm looking for any decent summer program in the US where I can go to a campus and stay there (opposed to just visiting the campus every weekend...)

    Another question :

    For the Pratt application for their summer program, they want only "high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors."

    I will be finishing 9th grade in June of this year, so I won't technically be a freshman (but I won't technically be a sophomore either...I'll be a freshmore or a sophoman...). Does this mean that I'm valid for the Pratt summer program?

    Thank you for reading all this, and reply please! :chug:

    **EDIT** In case you're a lazy bum and won't scroll down the page, here's an update :

    After much searching, I found a college that would accept 15 year olds (High school freshmen).

    It's called Otis and it's in LA! Has anyone else been to/heard of the college? I'd love a couple opinions on it!

    Here's the summer program link:

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