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    Never worked digitally, help reducing scan filesize?

    Hey there dudes, I'm trying to get back into posting on my sketchbook since I've been without access to internet for a while.

    Before I just scanned my stuff and uploaded it to photobucket then put it on that way, but now I can't get any imagehost sites to work, probably something wrong on my end, but I know that it's perfered to have the images attached to this site directly so I figure I'll just figure out how to do that.

    My scans are like 150mbish when I upload them, so I know I need to crop and scale them down to get the filesize to the like 600kb for a jpg on this site.

    But I can't get it to work without the image being ridiculously small, I'm sure I'm missing something obvious but I've never worked with anything digitally and I only have Gimp. I know it's not a good program for art but it should be good enough to crop and stuff?

    Help please.

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    Open file inside Photoshop or other photo manipulating program. When you go to save it will ask you at what size in Photoshop.
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    It sounds like your images are either way too big or you're using too low a compression when saving. Or both. On top of that you might want to look at your scanner settings. 150Mb for a scan is extremely big unless you intend to work on it (and even then, that's some size). Check out your DPI setting. Sounds like you're scanning A4 at 600DPI+ or something to get files that big.

    Any art package will allow you save as JPG. Normally 90% quality will be fine. Size-wise there's rarely any point going about 1000px. Anything bigger than screen size is massively annoying and people won't look at it. Even a 1000x1000px image will be perfectly fine at 500K or less.

    If you've got loads of images to resize, use PIXresizer. It will convert and resize in batch, it's a great piece of s/w -
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    Yeah it seems that you scan them at very high dpi or some uncompressed file format. My printer/scanner was set on 600 dpi when I first bought it and files were really big, so I lowered it to 300. Also look at what file format the scanner is saving the images. A JPEG can never become as big as 150mb, it's probably .bmp or something "uncompressed". If you just want to post them on the internet and don't need them for anything professional try to set the scanner to save them as .jpg if there is an option. And yes, keep smaller the image that you intend to post. People don't like it when they have to scroll up and down, left and right to view it. I myself post images with max height of 720 pixels, because my screen is 1280x800 and I want to be able to view them in full size, even if they might look small for people with 25-30 inch screens.

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