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    An Important question, looking for some help.

    Well. It's post-secondary choice time coming around.

    My marks aren't exactly desirable (60s, 70s), so, i'm wondering, how difficult would it be to get into a career of art with not much in the way of strong academic backing.

    I'm not going to get into the BS about "oh, i'm actually a very intelligent person, i just don't apply myself", which is totally true, but it means nothing. University X isn't going to do a big huge intelligence test. (I'd be more than willing to write a huge test or something like that) The only intelligence that matters to them is the intelligence that is the marks they receive.

    So i'm just looking for some help. Some ideas, some direction... As i'm in my last year of highschool, and i really would like to pursue a career in art (computer, illustration, animation or especially concept design) I'm wondering what some choices are for someone like myself that has the ability but not the marks those schools are looking for.

    I would really appreciate some guidance on this. thank you

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    Do what you're good at and what is fun - you've got to stick with it for quite a while - but be open minded enough to take a side track to get at where you want to get.

    Example: I wanted to become a graphics designer after school but did not manage to be accepted (perhaps I just gave up too early, who knows). I then studied English and Archaeology and had the time of my life. I graduated on Arthurian Legend in Fantasy literature and managed to get into marketing business (at Disney! but "only" as an assistant) after university.

    From then on I made my way up, "ending" as a marketing executive (ceo?) of a telecommunications company - albeit a small one.

    However, life has its ups and downs and currently I'm unemployed after a joint venture which made my position obsolete. Anyway, I do look forward and I will get into business again. And so will you.

    Hope this helps!


    PS: I'm drawing as a hobby again, since 2,5 years now after a 15 year's break.
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