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  • FilRam

    7 7.22%
  • troyzart

    5 5.15%
  • Polawat

    3 3.09%
  • Ludic

    0 0%
  • OHI

    0 0%
  • Penpoint

    0 0%
  • porcupine

    1 1.03%
  • matias

    6 6.19%
  • Jaunay

    2 2.06%
  • emerging

    16 16.49%
  • sourfruitjunkie

    8 8.25%
  • (lark

    34 35.05%
  • zenarion

    3 3.09%
  • strangedawn

    5 5.15%
  • Ville_s

    15 15.46%
  • Paolo13

    26 26.80%
  • SCF

    2 2.06%
  • RayTwicket

    3 3.09%
  • JanJager

    18 18.56%
  • Kirnuyts

    6 6.19%
  • NetherVoid

    23 23.71%
  • DefiledVisions

    23 23.71%
  • Ishren

    1 1.03%
  • evolutionseed

    5 5.15%
  • skullbeast

    3 3.09%
  • SailorMooninite

    7 7.22%
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    C.O.W. #196 DEATHS FAMILIAR. Voting!

    C.O.W. #196 DEATHS FAMILIAR_Voting!




    Deadline for the voting: 1 WEEK
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    Artist: filram

    Concept: Deaths familiar (Tracker)
    Death has many allies...and this creature is in a rare and special class. It belongs to an ancient race, born and raised in the deepest circles os hell.
    Beyonde the sly and cunning his main skill lies in his sense of smell, he can smel the fear that any living creature feels for his own death.
    This friend is only called to serve in very special situations, occasionally, for several reasons, some enlightened beings can cheat on death, then she knows she can count on his most faithful friend because no one can escape this small hunter

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    Artist: Troyzart

    Concept: scare-crows

    There is basically a flock of these guys that follow death around. Whilst he reaps souls, these little critters (black birds / crows) fly in & eat/devour/absorb the left over bits of soul.
    When people of the utmost evil pass, they may be unlucky enough to become one of these guys. Their tallons being tied together is a sign from death that they are his slaves forever - a symbol fo their lack of freedom (ironically enough, birds being a symbol of freedom eh?). It also symbolizes their ever lasting bond to the realm of death.

    This was fun! needed a more impressive wing demonstration, but.
    here <--- My progressive sketchbook~

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    Artist: polawat

    Concept: Death Eye
    Death eyes are spiritual creature working for Death as sensor array and collecting node. They float around the cities like jellyfish, hanging their tentacles and hooks to catch wandering souls. When fully load, they send signal then Death come and take the souls.
    Attachment 1111968

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    Artist: Ludic

    Concept: The Tracker
    Since death is a busy being, he can't be everywhere at once.
    This familiar of his, is shaped to be fast and get through any obstacle
    in order to find the dieing person and drag the soul for death to collect.

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    Artist: OHI

    Concept: Soul carrier

    The soul carrier helps Death with carrying all the souls. It floats above the ground and uses it´s fins to move.

    I did´nt have any more time to spend on it so here it is.

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    Artist Penpoint
    Concept Soul Keeper

    After Death brings souls to the afterlife a guardian is required to keep them from wandering into Limbo. The soul keeper watches, guards and protects the souls until they are collected by the supernatural.

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    Artist: porcupine

    Concept: Deaths Familiar

    "To comfort the recently deceased and to keep me company. My realm can be such a lonely place at times"

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    Concept: The 'Clerk'
    Death’s Familiar
    One type of Death’s Familiars is the ‘Clerk’ species, a slug like minor demon dwelling in the entry halls of Purgatory. They catalogue the freshly harvested souls by their sins and virtues, so they can be judged and sent on to either Heaven or Hell.

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    Red face Death's Ouroboros

    Artist: Jaunay

    Concept: Death's Ouroboros
    Firstly for this concept to makes sense I've taken a few things into account. I presume that
    death is omnipotent and immortal. If he has control over something so important then he's going to
    need a grand helper to help with all of those deaths each day for eternity.

    Death and birth are a part of the same piece of the puzzle, you can't have one without the other,
    Death's Ouroboros takes on the task of bringing life and death into the macrocosm. Not just earth.
    I've taken the concept to a larger scale, on the right is the birth of planets and stars and on the
    left is absolute chaos and destruction, life cannot live with out light and so a black hole.

    And in the centre of it all, death the reaper sits in the centre of the beasts eye.
    Watching over and keeping track of the universe.
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    Artist: emerging

    Concept: The Soul Collector aka Blood Clock Dragon

    The Soul Collector of Death is believed to be an ancient species of dragons that came to earth from the night sky. Although nobody knows for sure, there are rumours that this creature is a close relative of Blood Dragons that roamed the skies thousands of years ago and were distinct because of their transparent bellies that glowed with red blood. To this day, this is the only specimen of the Soul Collector and Blood Dragon known to the human kind.

    Some say, that the Soul Collector and the Death have a deal. The Death gave this creature an eternal life in exchange for eternal service as a soul collector and a blood clock

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    Artist: sourfruitjunkie

    Concept: Waking Death
    The Norse know them as Fenrir and Garm. Some give them the fond name of Barghest. The Greeks mistook the pack as one dog with many heads; Cerberus.

    These black dogs help guide spirits to Death, who occasionally is preoccupied with personal visits. When a soul is freed from it's body, a hound is first to greet them; hence the name Waking Death. Souls bound for heaven see a stern hound with paws of soothing light. Those bound for hell, perceive a plague-wolf with paws traced in hellfire.

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    Artist: (lark

    Concept: the retrievers of the buried
    death is a busy guy. With the huge task of reaping souls and taking them to the afterlife, he sometimes misses a soul here and there. Those poor souls usually end up connected to their bodies and get buried along with them.

    the reaptheons are a species with the sole purpose of helping out death with this matter. The way they do this is that they have an instinctual hunger for human souls. Because of this they search out these unfortunates who have been buried with their bodies, and suck them out of the ground with their powerful ability to take in, and ingest soul material. Once retrieving a soul, they quickly return to their master at which point they are reaped themselves for the soul they happen to be carrying. The loss of the soul forces the reaptheons to go in search of more souls because of their intense hunger.

    Attachment 1112750
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    Artist: zenarion

    Concept: Corpse golem familiar

    One of the many creatures accompanying the embodyment of Death is a Corpse Golem. According to ancient texts the beast was constructed by a magician of great power, as a gift to Death itself. The purpose of the gift was to give the magician more time in the world of the living. Death has kept the corpse golem, taking it along during his travels. It serves sometimes as a carrier of departing souls into the Underworld.

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    Artist: strangedawn
    Concept: Collector of souls

    He is the collector of souls of the sinners, he get and collect some souls of the sinners and resurrects them in a new human form in the right time, and that human will be born to do evil things.
    Done in pscs3,no 3d or any image use.

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