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    Drawcraft: UCT vs ChromaticCodex

    I believe we know whats going on here.... I have only put up a six by six board as that was hinted to in other thread. If you want anything changed or stipulated ChromaticCodex, go ahead...

    My Faction: The Unified Guild of Supernatural Sciences & Necromantic Endeavours: commonly known as ‘Godspeed’

    At the turn of the 18th century, the English government, under the direction of King Henry, who had claimed to have been haunted by his wife, whom had been deceased for 13 years, established The Unified Guild of Supernatural Sciences & Necromantic Endeavours in the hope of arresting the primitive beliefs behind ghouls and ghosts in favour of developing the appreciation of ‘real’ sciences and industrial technologies.

    With initial teething problems set aside and the legal terminology of supernatural finally being qualified as a ‘physical phenomenon occurring due to unforeseeable forces’ limitless, but not limited to, mans own reality of energy within nature’, Godspeed began to take shape under much scrutiny and national scepticism. Satirists alluded that Godspeed was a legalised fraternity of the criminal occult underworld and off cut aristocratic much-a-do gentry, whilst opposing political figures and humanists declare the government science wing to be no more than a rubber stamp for grave robbing.

    A few humorous stories circulated throughout the back pages during the initial months, shrinking head initiation rituals and victims of the plague reportedly channelled through crustaceans, however the severity of Godspeeds tasks made national shockwaves as headlines documented a series of deaths coroners disclosed as ‘inhuman’ and ‘the result of god not existing’. Public revulsion grew as the international horror show of Lord Morningside fusing with a ‘solid state abomination’ was leaked, dominating the headlines.

    Lord Jebediah Morningside, a Master of Ancient Theology and a leading Biochemist at Oxford University, was chemically fused to an aged ghost of his own likeness when ingredients were misplaced during an experiment believed to attain vibration beyond the ‘God Frequency’ in D flat.

    Before Lord Morningside passed away due to a ‘natural causes’ an eye witness claimed: ‘the ghost shrieked all day long at Lord Morningside in muted, incomprehensible tongues. It tired to physically abuse Jebediah without success, only causing mental fatigue. It is an awful mess.’ The eye witness went on to say the only time the abomination claimed down was when Jebediah gathered enough strength and courage to try and eat something ‘ this seemed to amuse the abomination who would mimic jebediah and appear to start laughing in a mocking fashion.’

    So of course, who else will the english government turn to when all else fails... Cameron?... hell no! GODSPEED!

    (I'm basically going to imply a period drama to pick fun at the times when people were divided between god and science using weird black humour, you dont need to be ghost or anything, I'm looking forward to adapting The Unified Guild of Supernatural Sciences & Necromantic Endeavours to anything you throw at me!)

    Baby Wings Necromancer:

    Godspeed are pumping these ill equipped minions out by the bucket load to investigate reported sightings of supernatural phenomenon. They have only just got to grips with summoning there own conscious minds and spirits simultaneously but now they have the badge, they are the first line of defense against the invading forces.

    The Outpost.
    Besides being fully stocked up on the best selling introductory manual ‘So, you can see dead people too!?!’ the Outpost holds the necessary technology to unlock any aspiring necromancers potential via use of the highly controversial moon portal. With an 80% success rate, the moon portal will recalibrate your dimensional perceptions to easily navigate realms of existence making you a baby wings necromancer! The other 20% fortunately get to enjoy an intergalactic lobotomy.
    Here is my Sketchbook. Please have a look if you have time. Thanks.

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    UCT- I really enjoyed reading the backstory for your faction, really entertaining stuff! I've decided on my theme and have started some sketches but the holidays/ work/ moving are all hitting me at once *Boo-hoo* *tiny violin*

    Just letting you know i'm alive and still interested. I'll try and have something up before the week is out.

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    cheers for the heads up.

    I might then change the board, get rid of those edges, bad idea, and spend more time on my character. I used illustrator to be speedy but I think I should be more paintly.

    Hope the move goes well.
    Here is my Sketchbook. Please have a look if you have time. Thanks.

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