Wasn't sure to post this. If there is a better place please move or let me know where to post... couldn't find the proper place

I am sell a lot of poker books. I need to get rid of them fast so I will sell them for cheap and only want to sell them all together so I don't have to package each book individually.

Here is what I will do. I am looking up each book on amazon and looking at the cheapest used price and then taking ~30% off of that just to give people some motivation to buy them all from me. So in other words, if you bought these all from me but were willing to repackage some you could just sell the ones you don't want on amazon for more money than what you would buy them from me.

Art and fear: $6.40 becomes $4
Anatomy for the Artist: $15 becomes $10
Bridgman's Life Drawing: $8.24 becomes $5.50
Force: $14 becomes $9
Dynamic Figure Drawing: $7.50 becomes $5
The Animator's Survival Kit: $15.50 becomes $10
Dynamic Anatomy: $12.70 becomes $9
Human Anatomy for Artists: $46 becomes $32
Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes: $8.22 becomes $5.5
Marsh Anatomy for Artists: $1 becomes FREE
The Fantasy Illustrator's Technique Book: $4.60 becomes $3
Henry Yan's Figure Drawing: $30 becomes $20

SO, It would be about $161 if you were to buy all the cheapest books on amazon (NOT including S&H) but I will sell them all for $113 (INCLUDING S&H).

These are some great books for any artist to have if you want to improve your drawing skills.

Look forward to hearing from you and once again I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.