So, for awhile now, i've been looking at buying a dslr, and it started off with a canon brand for i hate my point and shot by nikon.. it is terrible, but i figured the dslr's for nikon were definitely a better buy, and are frequently recommended cameras, but if you take a look at the new Sony alpha series of dslr's not only are the jam packed with brilliant features i've been wanting in a dslr, but the supposed photo quality and video quality is by far amazing, the only reason i question the sony to nikon right now is most of the reviews i read don't seem to like the camera very much. So it makes me think the pictures i've seen from it are fake. Here's what i've found that made me find this camera breath taking.,19615.html

Can any one tell if those are reliable photos from the new sony?? if so, i would have no problem with choosing the sony over nikon.