E.O.W Round 151: Coven of the Dark Oracles - Votes! (Winner: Veshkau)

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  • monotony

    11 16.18%
  • Veshkau

    32 47.06%
  • Vitribius

    2 2.94%
  • LJS

    7 10.29%
  • matejkovacic

    0 0%
  • Sean McClain

    0 0%
  • hyjaxe

    2 2.94%
  • JanJager

    4 5.88%
  • KarylGilbertson

    7 10.29%
  • smuli

    21 30.88%
  • Lady Avali

    7 10.29%
  • Incinerated

    1 1.47%
  • xNatje

    0 0%
  • android411

    6 8.82%
  • Benedikt

    28 41.18%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    E.O.W Round 151: Coven of the Dark Oracles - Votes! (Winner: Veshkau)

    TOPIC: Coven of the Dark Oracles

    Deadline for Voting: December 2nd

    Please vote for your personal favourite artwork from this round. Please remember that your vote should reflect an equal weight of aesthetic impact, adherance to the brief, and idea development.

    Your votes will be public.
    Please help strengthen the activity by leaving criticism for the artist you vote for, and for any other artworks you can manage!







    Sean McClain





    Lady Avali





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    Monotony - I wish you got the chance to work on this more as every detail about this is still an WIP. The smoke coming out of the slender structure was a cool choice, it gives an air of mystery. We don't know what's going on inside of that shrine. The landscape as a whole seemed Lord of the Rings-esque in appearance and spacing.

    Veshkau - Nice! The epic perspective and the bronze reddish color scheme of this was effective. You made it look unwelcoming, like a church of the damned. What I liked most about this were the small details like the skeletons of the dark creature on the walls or the gothic design of the gate. You got my vote, job well done V!

    Vitribius - Stylistically, this was interesting. I can't help but imagine that's Yoda at the front-most of the image, haha. The idea taken the digital route and the laser descending from a light source in the skies were also both interesting ideas. However, it still seemed undeveloped. You could've spent more time working on each aspect. Still, I liked the cinematic quality.

    LJS - Excellent perspective, first of all. This could be the blueprint for a level in the God of War game, or easily something you would see in a 'Where's Waldo?' book. The medusa-like shrine figure in the center looks a little bit unfinished though. I would've liked it to look more refined, as well as the fog of the mountain and the visual quality of the cliffsides.

    matejkovacic - I thought this was a very traditional, ideal take on the topic. The reflection of the light on the oracles along with the overall presentation was satisfactory. As a crit, it seems kind of cramped. You could've given them more space, maybe a wider cavern in a cave where the coven is more to the left and there's excess dark cave on the right, dimly lit by the procession, shadows dancing on the walls and the stalactite filled ceiling.

    Sean McClain - The position of every character in your painting was great. It was leveled, letting me imagine a story to go with the scene. It was definitely a good effort, but I'm going to have to echo what I said about a few other entries this week, and that's that it was undeveloped. This looked like stage 2 out of 5, called finished. I understand maybe this was the intended look: hazy, sullen, macabre, dark beginnings of a battle. Looking forward to seeing a finished piece from you!

    hyjaxe - Liked it a lot so far, good choice of color for the canyon. I'm guessing the coven structure would've been at the end of the winding path of rock?

    JanJager - Probably the most different look so far, it looks like an overview of an environment in a fantasy themed story/comic before you get to see the ins and outs of the place, with dialogue and steaming goblets. The atmosphere was cold, I could feel it. My main crit. for this is how shallow the mountain passage into the temple looks. One slip and one of the oracles could tumble out, bump their head on the rope bridge below and splat. Maybe if there was a path leading up to the temple it would be better for the size and scale.

    KarylGilbertson - Good effort and progression on this one, Karyl. I liked the ashen, forbidden look, like an old photograph of grandma visiting an old monastery she snuck into. A solid entry - my main crit is that the woman moving swiftly down the stone stairs looks like she's made of stone herself. Which would actually be a scary idea.

    smuli - Nice, looks very professionally done! The deep twilight blue contrasting with the dark red and orange lava colors meshed with a methodical touch. I could see this environment in a Shrek movie, reminds me of the lava moat surrounding the princesses castle in the first movie. I don't think I have any crits for this - the simplicity might be the reason for it's successful outcome. You also got my vote!

    Lady Avali - That blue is really nice. Thought provoking, but what else becomes of this? I'd have liked to see a larger version with more details and further exploration of the strange darkhorse-like monument.

    Incinerated - To the point, concise. Looks like something you would build in a strategy game for dark races engaged in religious warfare. The idea of a well amidst ruins as the coven was cool, and of course you know I enjoyed the skull-faced oracle presiding at the forefront.. you got my vote!

    xNatje - Cheers for entering and trying, xNatje. Did the blair witch project inspire this, by any chance? I would've liked to see the midnight woods in the backround, some witches moaning satanic sermons, a deer poking it's head out of a faraway bush. Some sparse weeds and stones near the bonfire, which could burn brighter. Not bad, thanks for the effort!

    android411 - Good job android, the suggestions from people that were given in your sketchbook were input smoothly. I liked the birds, the rain and the sensation of being in the middle of a horrible lightning storm. This might be where the wicked witch of the west gathers for witchcraft every Sunday... you got my vote!

    Benedikt - Damn, you pop up out of nowhere with an excellent entry. The perspective was nice and eerie, and definitely a cool touch with the magenta robes of the man heading the ritual. A dash of suspense, mystery, and the exotic in a pit of darkness. This got my vote.

    My favorite entries were Veshkau, smuli, and Benedikt's with Incinerated and android411 in a close tie for the fourth spot.

    Great round everyone! Good to be back on the EOW bandwagon. I hope my feedback, thoughts and comments were mildly useful/entertaining.




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    Awesome entries guys, I'd been watching the WIP thread and it was going for a while which probably explains some of the really strong entries here.

    Monotony: voted for you, think your entry is awesome, love the view and the dark smoke.

    Veshkau: Also voted for your entry, looks like a dark cathedral. Wish it had been a tad more clear but the lack of clarity also gives it a dark feel, it makes me strain to see the details and it works awesome.

    KarylGilbertson: Nice perspective and story in your image.

    Smuli: Also really good perspective and colors.

    LadyAvali: Not sure what's going on in there but I like it very much. Wish it had been a tad more clear.

    Android: Love the entire scene, colors and the style. Got a vote from me.

    Benedikt: Awesome entry. Her shoulder and arm doesn't work very well but imo you've got the winning entry. Voted.

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    Very nice entries. Lovely topic!
    A few words where I have something constructive to say.

    Lovely scene. I like the colours and the way you painted the mountains/ rocks. You really get me wondering what is going on in that building.
    I would have liked to see a bit more action though, perhaps one or two figures en route to the building? A procession even?

    Nice style. I also like the format a lot. Somehow something's missing here, to my eyes, but I can't put it in words. Nitpick, anyway.

    That is so damn... spiky! You've managed to capture the gothic feeling extremely well. It also has a very nice sense of decay and danger to it.
    My critique here would be the rather limited colour platte. I'm sure you intentionally restricted it, but I cannot help wondering how it would look with more hues in it.

    It's immediately obvious that you put a lot of work in it. I dig the way the robed people are standing round the fire, casting those shadows. The composition is very fitting, really makes you feel like an intruder/ spy in some scary business/ place.
    In my eyes, the weak spot in your painting are values. I feel like there ought to be darker values, especially in the foreground. That would add a lot of drama.

    I'm a complete sucker for cool/ warm contrasts. That and the very nice composition and perspective got you my vote in the end. Lovely piece!

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    Great entries all. LJS and KarylGilbertson got my vote but it was a tough choice.

    A few comments, but feel free to ignore...

    Monotony: I really like this one. Would really like to have seen more of the actual building itself though, and the composition might have been more flowing if the smoke brought the eye back into the piece. Beautiful colours and lighting setup, and I love the idea of a huge vertical structure; like it's just the tip of something deep.

    Vitribius: I like the idea, but it leaves a little too much to the imagination.

    LJS: Like Vulgar said, this is reminiscent of something from God of War, which can't be a bad thing! Gorgeous perspective letting us know that it's a long way down, and that statue, along with all of the smaller details in there give a lot of interest. One thing I'd like to have seen though is the doorway on the top left being pushed off-camera a little and have it's perspective pushed a bit further in that area. Overall great piece.

    Matejkovacic: Loads of atmosphere and depth, and nicely composed too.

    Sean McClain: Well composed and interesting image. Obviously still work to do but will follow your sketchbook to see how it turns out. Not sure how well it fits with the brief but looking good all the same.

    hyjaxe: Quite nicely painted but still rough and feels like there should be something else in there. At the minute the only non-natural feature seems to be the glowing gaps but they aren't where the eye is led.

    JanJager: Great sense of scale and texturing. Loving the rusty feeling and the contrast in materials. If I had to change something though, I would like to see the coven entrance moved a little more off-centre, towards the upper-right maybe, and have the rop bridge at more of a diagonal to really push the depth and lead us across the piece. Great work.

    KarylGilbertson: Well composed and great mood. A couple of really minor points.. some of the figures in the circle, further away from us, are either out of perspective or are very short. Also, a lot of the stonework looks very clean and a little too cg. Very nice piece though, gj.

    smuli: Great colour scheme and lighting. The mountains in the background really help place it too.

    Lady Avali: I love the idea of a coven being built around a massive demonic skeleton. With a few more elements like you have right below it put into other areas this could be an amazing game environment.

    Incinerated: I like the more concept-type approach you've taken, but it seems a little sparse so far.

    xNatje: The moody forest feel is pretty good, but on the whole this could do with being expanded a bit - it doesn't have a lot in the enviroment at the minute.

    android411: Nice and creepy. Be careful of putting so much detail in large areas like the grass/rain though. Would also like to see more moody torch light coming from the figures against the ground/church wall and on themselves.

    Benedikt: Love that mood, with the members skulking away in the cool darkness and the warm light on the poor young lady. There's a few perspective probs to fix but great piece overall.

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    awesome entries people.

    I actually didn't finish mine, I've been very ill these day, so I was quite surprised
    to find it going through a vote.
    Thank you vulgar for putting it up, I assume its you .

    I voted for smuli and Veshkau, I thought the execution was best in those two pieces.


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