For anyone who is looking to get into the game industry, here is a good start.

*The game is an independent expansion mod for Dragon Age Origins Game by Bioware (but we are not affiliated with the company)*

This is an unpaid position. You will receive credit in the game and you're welcome to use all the work you do in your portfolio. -- All developers involved are working on this project voluntarily as well.

I am hoping to find someone who can do the UV Mapping and textures for the game characters at the very least. If I can also find someone who can do 1 custom 3D model as well, I'd be extremely grateful. Anyone with knowledge or experience in Dragon Age toolset would be another big benefit, though it isn't a requirement.

Any portfolio work you have, please include a link/attachment in your email.

Information about the game is on our website ( Please refer to it accordingly. Also you may contact me with any specific questions you may have, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

To Apply Email

If you'd like to know more about me, being the producer on the project, refer to my linkedin profile for more info.