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Thread: New Portfolio Website

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    New Portfolio Website

    Hi is my new portfolio website. Let me know what you think, as well the site as the work.

    I made this new portfolio website because I'm looking for an internship. I'm hoping to land an internship in concept art or illustration.
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    I really like the background, with the shelf and the paintings hanging there..that's cool,
    but when I first entered the most attention catching thing was the shelf...and on it there is "only" the links where else to find you.
    For me that should have been the place to but your categories, as this is the stuff you want to give attention first right?

    It didn't take me too long to find the categories (conceptart, 3d,design..) so they are not too hidden or anything, but still you might want to check if others experience it the same way as me, as you want to see your works first.

    I personally like some information about the artist and I couldn't find any beside the small sentence you've put in the top of the page.
    Perhaps someone who wants to offer you an internship position is interested in where you come from, how old you are...well a bit more information about you.

    just my two cents,
    good luck with finding internship, I'm currently on that mission too
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